Joey Votto, Raptors fan, lost interest in NBA after Warriors added Kevin Durant

null null Basketball Baseball null null NBA Joey Votto is rooting for his hometown Raptors to win the NBA Finals, but the Reds first baseman isn't really loving the league these days because of something Toronto's opponent did three years ago."I used to be a big fan of the NBA until Kevin Durant joined the Golden State Warriors," he said in a Q&A with C. Trent Rosecrans of The Athletic. Part of Votto's reasoning was seeing Durant, like LeBron James, leave his original team.It bothered me because there was a nice balance of Cleveland with LeBron. I feel like Kevin Durant, not because I’ve been with the same team, but because I’ve always liked this, whether it’s from Jeter and the Yankees, Cal Ripken

and the Baltimore Orioles, Michael Jordan with the Bulls, I’ve always had an affinity for athletes that stay with one club. And there are too many examples for me to continue to name you athletes. But it really bothered me when LeBron left Cleveland, as a basketball fan. And I get it. It’s his life and his choice, going to Miami. But it bothered me the most when he left a second time, as a basketball fan. Not as a man. I don’t know LeBron from anybody. It bothered me when Kevin Durant left Oklahoma City. It mostly bothered me when Steph accepted him or wanted him to come in, because I feel like there was a nice, even playing field among the best teams.SMITH: Finals debut about more than basketball for Toronto fans  Votto figured the Stephen Curry-Klay Thompson-Draymond Green core didn't need to add an "all-time great," as Votto described Durant."It was like they used the cheat code when they signed Kevin Durant," Votto told Rosecrans. "I completely stopped watching it, keeping track of it, I spoke outwardly with my friends and anybody I’ve chatted with about basketball. I would cite that as a reason I don’t follow the NBA anymore."Durant has missed the Warriors' last six playoff games, including their loss in Game 1 of the Finals in Toronto, with a calf strain. He is already out for Game 2 on Sunday.Votto is hopeful Durant takes more time to heal."We’re in very big trouble if Kevin Durant comes back," Votto told Rosecrans.