Nationals vs. Cubs: Score, highlights from NLDS Game 4

null null null Baseball Game 4 of the NLDS started out with drama — will Stephen Strasburg start? — ended with dropped jaws.Strasburg was brilliant, striking out 12 in seven shutout innings, and the Nationals wound up with a 5-0 victory, thanks to an eighth-inning grand slam by Michael A. Taylor. If you want to take a trip back through this rain-soaked game, here's your chance.  Sporting News provided live updates the entire contest, and this is like a stoll down memory lane (that won't be as much fun for Cubs fans). NLDS Game 4: Nationals vs. Cubs. Score, results, highlights(All times ET)    8:08 p.m.: And that's it. Sean Doolittle shuts down the Cubs in the ninth. See you in D.C. tomorrow night. 8:02 p.m.: Amazing how much different this series feels right now, isn't it? Nationals are three outs away from hosting a winner-take-all Game 5. They'll have Gio Gonzalez, Tanner Roark and Max Scherzer (for a couple innings, max) lined up to go. 7:57 p.m.: The rain can't be fun. @Cubs Let's just blame it on the rain and regroup for game 5.— Edward (@edward_ditusa) October 11, 20177:49 p.m.: Cubs are down to their final three outs. It's 5-0 Nationals, heading into the top of the ninth. 7:42 p.m.: Kris Bryant needs a reboot.Bryant has struck out in 6 of his last 8 plate appearances. First 4 K game for him since Aug 28, 2015.— Sahadev Sharma (@sahadevsharma) October 11, 20177:39 p.m.: Nothing's ever easy for Nationals fans. Two of the first three Cubs to face Ryan Madson have reached base. 7:27 p.m.: Hey, remember when Jon Lester picking off Ryan Zimmerman was the most amazing thing that happened in the eighth inning? 7:25 p.m.: Seriously, that was amazing. Wade Davis had NEVER given up a playoff home run as a reliever.24 appearances, 29 1/3 innings, 41 strikeouts.— Ryan Fagan (@ryanfagan) October 11, 20177:21 p.m.: On a night where home runs looked impossible, Michael A. Taylor hits a grand slam off Cubs closer Wade Davis. Holy cow. Y'all, this series.— Matthew Leach (@MatthewHLeach) October 11, 2017WHAT OMG— Pam Chvotkin (@reddusfoximus) October 11, 2017MICHAEL AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA— David Steele (@David_C_Steele) October 11, 20177:15 p.m.: This is the game. Nationals have the bases loaded, and Joe Maddon is bringing in Wade Davis mid at-bat, with a 1-0 count on Michael Taylor. Edwards just couldn't locate the strike zone. 7:05 p.m.: This is why that pickoff was so amazing. Jon Lester: 449 runners reaching base in the last two regular seasons - one pickoff.— Jayson Stark (@jaysonst) October 11, 20177:01 p.m.: Jon Lester picked off Ryan Zimmerman. What in the world. Greatest Cub pickoff since Henry Rowengartner vs. the Mets.— Kevin Pauga (@KevinPauga) October 11, 20176:50 p.m.: Sorry for the lack of entries. Was spellbound by Strasburg's masterpiece. Seriously. Stephen Strasburg in the 2017 NLDS- 14 innings- 22 strikeouts- 6 hits- 3 walks- 0 earned runs (2 uer)- 1 run support— Ryan Fagan (@ryanfagan) October 11, 20176:33 p.m.: It's raining at Wrigley. Looks like it will be for a while, too. Looks like the light rain will be at Wrigley for a while ...— Ryan Fagan (@ryanfagan) October 11, 20176:27 p.m.: Conspiracy alert!Um doesn’t it look like this #Cubs coach is wearing an #AppleWatch? @mlb @Cubs @Nationals @DOBrienAJC @mlbbowman— Tyler Williams (@Dawgs_on_Chop) October 11, 20176:23 p.m.: Jon Lester works a second scorless inning. Jon Lester's career postseason ERA is now a tidy 2.54 in 141 2/3 innings.That's special, folks.— Ryan Fagan (@ryanfagan) October 11, 20176:18 p.m.: I asked the question: Any chance the Nationals use any relievers other than Doolittle/Madson/Kintzler? Your thoughts ...scherzer for an inning— JoeSigler(Cubs2-1) (@sigler_10) October 11, 2017never underestimate DUSTY— Happy Handicapping (@jas1296) October 11, 2017Maybe Ollie to face a lefty, but hopefully not.— Kerry Miller (@kerrancejames) October 11, 2017They should put in Strasburg's doctor— Joe Rivera (@JoeRiveraSN) October 11, 2017Albers? I can't trust Solis or Oli Perez...— Stacy Albano (@StacyAlbano) October 11, 20176:12 p.m.: Strasburg is on cruise control. Five innings, zero runs, eight strikeouts. Strasburg arriving at the park...— Ben Finfer (@BenFinfer) October 11, 20176:10 p.m.: The Cubs have a rally! Oh, wait. Nope. Javy Baez hits into a double play, negating Jason Heyward's leadoff single. 6:06 p.m.: Ah, the "mold" trolls. The troll count is very high in Chicago right now.— Cut4 (@Cut4) October 11, 20176:05 p.m.: Jon Lester's playoff relief appearance started much smoother this time. Given a clean inning to start, Lester sets down the Nationals with zero trouble in the fifth inning. Still 1-0, Nationals. 5:57 p.m.: Yep. This. Stephen Strasburg just struck out the side. (Yes, this is a new tweet.)— Washington Nationals (@Nationals) October 11, 20175:55 p.m.: OK, stop me if you've heard this one: Strasburg escaped a jam by striking out a Cubs hitter. Stunning, right? That's eight strikeouts in four innings. One hit, one walk allowed. He's been outstanding. 5:47 p.m.: Cubs catch a break. Willson Contreras winds up on second base after hitting a tapper about 15 feet in front of the mound. That's how this one is going to be won today, with the wind blowing in like this. 5:41 p.m.: Arrieta escapes, with a strikeout of Jayson Werth. Still 1-0 Nationals. This game.— MsMambo (@Ms_Mambo) October 11, 20175:37 p.m.: In a game where home runs aren't happening, this could be the game. Nationals have the bases loaded, with two outs, in the fourth inning.  5:19 p.m.: Strasburg is dealing, folks. Strikes out the side in the third inning.Strasburg strikes out the side on 12 pitches. The changeup looked great against Bryant. Nats 1, Cubs 0 through three.— Barry Svrluga (@barrysvrluga) October 11, 20175:12 p.m.: Nationals on the board. Tapper by Ryan Zimmerman booted by Addison Russell. Turner scores. 1-0 DC.5:05 p.m.: Big strikeout of Jayson Werth, with Turner on third base. Jayson Werth has a history with home-plate umpire Laz Diaz. He is -- how to put this? -- not a fan of his work.— Barry Svrluga (@barrysvrluga) October 11, 2017that strike out pitch to werth was well wide =/— Ian Ferguson (@ianwords) October 11, 20174:59 p.m.: Trea Turner has a hit, folks! Finally. 4:56 p.m.: The pigeons are assembling along the edge of the infield. Seriously, how are Zimmerman and Murphy able to concentrate? I'd be looking behind me every five seconds.— Mark Feinsand (@Feinsand) October 11, 20174:55 p.m.: Like the wind, Strasburg escapes the second inning. Wait, check that. Because of the wind, Strasburg escapes. 4:47 p.m.: Wrigley giveth and Wrigley taketh. Addison Russell got robbed by the winds blowing in.  This is a mighty, mighty wind. Russell drilled one toward left -- and the breeze kept it in. Two down.— Barry Svrluga (@barrysvrluga) October 11, 2017Russell crushed that ball. Wrigley is a fickle mistress. #Cubs— Steve Greenberg (@SLGreenberg) October 11, 20174:46 p.m.: Zobrist doublesthe moment Zobrist remembered he's 36, not 26— Ryan Fagan (@ryanfagan) October 11, 20174:39 p.m.: Arrieta's first inning: Out, Out, Walk, Out. Arrieta's second inning: Out, Out, Walk, Out. That'll work. 4:33 p.m.: Pigeon update!Update: there are 12 pigeons, not 9. This is a far more serious situation than I realized. They better stay away from the press box.— Mark Feinsand (@Feinsand) October 11, 20

17Rizzo > Mold > Pigeons— Ryan Fagan (@ryanfagan) October 11, 20174:32 p.m.: Hell of a play by Bryant there. 4:25 p.m.: Two up, two down. That Strasburg curveball looks healthy ...— Ryan Fagan (@ryanfagan) October 11, 20174:21 p.m.: One pitch, one strike. So far so good for Stras.4:19 p.m.: Arrieta walked Bryce Harper, but that was the only hiccup in the inning. Up next, we see how Strasburg really feels. 4:16 p.m.: Can SOMEBODY MAKE THIS HAPPEN?Arrieta & Sale going to design the next unis right?— chris birkey (@udbrky) October 11, 20174:14 p.m.: Yep.It's 58 and rainy in Chicago. You get the feeling Arrieta would go completely no-sleeves if they'd let him.— Ryan Fagan (@ryanfagan) October 11, 20174:10 p.m.: I believe this is what they call the killer instinct.Since 2015, the #Cubs are 5-1 in series-clinching games— Baseball Reference (@baseball_ref) October 11, 20174:08 p.m.: Here's the Nationals' lineup. Game 4 #OnePursuit— Washington Nationals (@Nationals) October 11, 20174:07 p.m.: Cubs broke out the big names for first-pitch duties. Eddie and the Red Baron with a first pitch duet. #NLDS— Chicago Cubs (@Cubs) October 11, 20174:02 p.m.: So, remember how Strasburg was under the weather? And how Dusty Baker said it was because of high mold counts in Chicago? You didn't really think Cubs fans were going to ignore that, did you? It's growing— Bleacher Jeff (@BleacherJeff) October 11, 20173:47 p.m.: This isn't a going to be a bright and sunny day at Wrigley. There will be baseball. #FlyTheW— Chicago Cubs (@Cubs) October 11, 2017