Bobby Bonilla gets $1.2M from Mets, makes more than Russell Wilson

Baseball Bobby Bonilla hasn't played professional baseball since 2001 and hasn't played for the Mets since 1999, but on every July

1 (starting in 2011) for 25 years he'll receive a paycheck for $1.2 million.Why? Because when Bonilla was bought out he was originally owed $5.9 million. The team didn't pay that amount at the time and instead decided to defer payments at an 8 percent annual interest rate. MORE: The worst everyday players in baseballBonilla's $1.2 million salary so many years removed from the sport is incredible. He's making nearly double the salary of All-Star Mets pitcher Matt Harvey ($614,125 salary). And as Adam Schefter pointed out, he'll be making more this year than Russell Wilson has in each year he's played in the NFL. He'll also be making more money than a few other big-name athletes in [email protected]— Ashok Moore (@AshokaESPN) July 1, 2015Nice work on that contract, Bobby. Enjoy the money.