Braves' Freddie Freeman relieved cancerous mole found 'just in time'

Braves first baseman Fredd

ie Freeman had a cancerous mole removed from his back during the All-Star break, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. The mole, discovered during a routine exam, was removed Tuesday, the AJC reports.  MORE: manager rankings: Who tops SN's list?“If (moles) are not circular, that’s when you’ve got to have them looked at, and mine was jagged,” Freeman told the AJC. “Went and got it checked out, and they said with your family history just get it taken out, so I did. And it came back today that there were cancerous cells, so I got it just in time. ... I think that’s just going to be in my life." Freeman's mother died of melanoma in 2000. “It’s kind of scary,” Freeman said of the experience. “It puts things in perspective, but we got it in time.”Doctors told him he could resume playing after 48 hours, and he was in the Braves' lineup Friday night as the team opened the second half with a series against the Rockies.