Mike Trout is the 'white Bo Jackson' to Adam Jones

Baseball Orioles outfielder Adam Jones saw up close how special Mike Trout was Tuesday night during the All-Star Game.Trout was named MVP after he hit a home run and accounted for two runs in the game. His play on the field earned him more than just an MVP trophy. It brought a nickname from Jones. MORE: Must-see All-Star Game 2015 photos | Trout's legend growsClassic line from Adam Jones. Asked him about Trout's home run. Jones said: "He's the white Bo Jackson."— Jon Morosi (@jonmorosi) July 15, 2015Jones' line was likely referring to the fact that Trout's leadoff home run was the first one since Jackson did it in 1989. Jones went on to say Trout's body can be compared to a linebacker in the NFL. When Jones' nickname became popular, people on Twitter started to take notice. The reaction was not positive.Ohhhhh my gosh. You can't just ca

ll someone the White Bo Jackson. #CainMVP— Cupcakes (@cupcakesarenice) July 15, 2015mike trout’s great but if you call him the white bo jackson i’ll knock the sippy cup out your hand— Jon Bois (@jon_bois) July 15, 2015You don't call somebody the white Bo Jackson. That's not what you do. It's not okay. #CainMVP— #Ashetag (@ashxrussell) July 15, 2015