working on new rules for second-base slides

Baseball The second-base slide can be one of baseball’s most dangerous and controversial plays.Injuries, fights, disputes over over “neighborhood” calls ... a lot can happen when a player barrels into this particular bag. According to ESPN, a tweak in the rules could be in place by the season’s start. and the players’ union are talking about ways to make if safer for middle infielders and baserunners.MORE: offseason winners and losers | 10 spring training storylines No one wants to see aggressive slides go away on potential double plays, but the objective, ESPN reported, is to eliminate dangerous efforts to make contact beyond the base.The report cited Chase Utley’s controversial slide in last year's NLDS that took out the Mets’ Ruben Tejada, who broke his leg on the play.Although Utley was suspended for the play, a further clarification

of the rule and potential punishments sounds like a good idea.