Craig Counsell, new Brewers manager, had an all-time great batting stance

New Brewers manager Craig Counsell played in the majors for 16

years, scored the winning run in the 1997 World Series and was MVP of the 2001 NLCS. But the former infielder always will be remembered best for his unusual batting stance.For much of his career, the .255 career hitter held his bat high above his head. Like, really high. Ridicuously high. Here's a classic Counsell stance from when he played for Milwaukee in 2004:SPECTOR: Brewers made the right move in changing managers (Getty Images)Gar Ryness, better known as Batting Stance Guy, rates Counsell as having the second-best stance of recent decades. Only Kevin Youkilis ranks higher.In a 2010 book, Ryness describes the above Counsell stance as "absolutely spectacular." He adds: "Nobody (in baseball history) has reached higher with his bat than Counsell."Over the course of his long career, Counsell had more subdued but still-great stances. For instance, here is with the 2002 Diamondbacks:And this one was with the 1998 Marlins:He even got the Batting Stance Guy treatment.We don't know how good a manager Craig Counsell will be. But we know he's already secured his place in baseball lore.