Phillies fan catches foul ball barehanded with child strapped to his chest

Well, this is certainly a Mother's Day Mike Capko won't soon forget.The die-hard Phillies fan made an incredible play on Sunday when he caught a foul ball in the fourth inning at Citizens Bank Park. Not only was he sitting in the nosebleeds without a glove to soften the blow, he also had his barely 7-month old baby strapped to his chest. MORE: Wild ballpark foods | McCutchen exorcises his demons | First 4-5-4 play in historyOnce he caught the ball, he gave the crowd free tickets to the gun show. To make the story even bet

ter, it was Capko's first caught foul ball and his son's first game. Phillies general manager Ruben Amaro was so impressed by the catch that he nearly signed him up on the spot.That's a pretty good Sunday if you ask me.Source: AP