Bacon is too salty do bacon how to be handled too forcedly

If bacon is done meddlesomely a very delicious food, but the salt of general bacon holiday is more, meet so very salty, so bacon is too salty how to do, how is bacon handled too forcedly.

Is bacon too salty how to do?

1, prepare a dish of Wen Shui, water is warm not too tall, it is OK to just do not warm a hand, it is advisable that water quantity rectifies a bacon too with complete dip.

2, before bubble bacon, add one spoon salt toward Wen Shuizhong first, mix divide evenly. Put cured meat next the bubble in Wenshui arrives half hours two hours, the time of saltier bacon bubble is a bit longer, such ability are OK take out saline taste.

3, it is to clean bacon next, because bacon surface oil is very much, brush what do not drop with the brush. We can be washed with the water that clean out rice, because clean out rice water to contain starch, can absorb partially grease.

4, if on one measure still goes not complete grease, must be washed with boiled water.

Heat one boiler water, water quantity wants sufficient. In putting whole cured meat into boiled water, churn left and right sides of about 20 seconds, a brush can search to come during scrub (not very is dirty need not) . After be over, can take cured meat and begin treatment or section.

5, after section, you can feel the look that still has a lot of oil, at that time, heat one boiler boiled water again additionally, unlock the bacon that has cut just a little boils again in water 10 seconds, scoop next, fall quickly into cold water (had better be) glacial water. If the attention is cut thinly, not bubble is too long, meeting lose flavour.

How is bacon handled too forcedly

1, if cured meat is too good, can use cold water bubble first 45 hours, next reoccupy small fire boils a hour, the skin can be cut moved. Remember turning on the water more, do not boil worked.

2, also can go to bacon bubble with Wen Shui first hair is soft, reoccupy water boil 5 minutes, can cut moved. Should notice water is warm do not become cool.

3, use cured meat first lukewarm bleb is soft, put the evaporate in boiler again, also can make so bacon skin molten, cut very easily also moved.

4, if the skin is too hard, burn to fire with respect to the Pi Fang bacon, burn all the time bubbly till, water boiled such reoccupy easy.

5, if bacon skin is too hard, can put in container, with high liquor gush, also can use cooking wine spray, build upper cover next child, make after its bate, again evaporate.

How is Sichuan bacon done delicious

1, had better be to buy 2 swords the flesh and sit mound flesh, bathe is clean, its in ventilated place air basks in two days, moisture evaporates dry

2, fry salt, Chinese prickly ash, flavor heat together, salt is fried the boiler since Cheng Huangyan's lubricious appearance.

3, wipe the

salt that has fried equably go up in the flesh (salt is half jins about, him taste that can press oneself masters) , put the meat that has wiped salt the left and right sides bloats 7 days in ability basin, want to flip through everyday.

4, after 7 days, take the flesh a brine of what wash clean, since air (must air is breathed out in particularly ventilated place! ! ! ! !!

5, air 3 days two or so, get off the flesh, put inside tailor-made bucket, the sootiness that relapses with cypress branch already the flesh that air basks in, the fragrance that lets cypress branch permeates the flesh inside, the light that fumes till the flesh is gules, till the flesh works quite.

6, after fleshy sootiness is good, general meeting is taken put in ventilated and dry place, or be after waiting for refrigeration, be like,put inside freezer.

7, when wanting to eat, get off bacon, abluent. OK and direct water is boiled, boil the insertion with OK and relaxed chopstick inside the flesh had better; is additional, also can mix vegetable (horn of beautiful dish, garlic bolt, beans) close fry.

What person does not suit to eat cured meat

1, pregnant woman is unfavorable eat cured meat

The meeting in bacon souse process adds antiseptic, very influential to fetal health, add waxing flesh to contain many and adipose with salinity, a large number of edible cause oedema easily, pregnant woman is so unfavorable eat cured meat more.

2, the infant is unfavorable eat cured meat

Bacon is saltier, contain many natrium, absorb overmuch natrium to be able to increase nephritic burden, and kidney function of the infant is not complete development is mature, had better eat less so, it is advisable to do not eat even.

3, suffer from cardiovascular disease to should not be eat cured meat

Bacon contains many saturation adipose, belong to high cholesterol food, absorb excessive to be able to create hemal block, eat less so had better.

4, hypertension shoulds not be eat cured meat

The bacon of the tall salt portion of edible excessive, blood pressure rises easily, increase the occurrence of hemal disease easily.

5, taste weak is unfavorable eat cured meat

It is not easy that bacon belongs to purificatory food digestive, adding on a lot of cured meat is outdoor sale, easy dirt retention, weather is bad to become moldy easily, if do not have abluent with respect to cook, cause gastric bowel easily unwell. And if your taste is weak, intestines and stomach is bad to be affected bigger, because of this intestines and stomach bad person does not eat cured meat more.

6, haemorrhoid patient is unfavorable eat cured meat

Have the person of haemorrhoid, if the bacon of overeat, absorb too much salinity from which, increase venous blood pressure easily, the anguish of aggravate haemorrhoid.

7, the person with bad kidney is unfavorable eat cured meat

The person with bad kidney most abstain from those who eat is too salty, ruo accumulates the natrium of excessive to fail inside body eduction, can bring about oedema, can not eat so.

8, fat person unfavorable eat cured meat

What bacon abides by is not fat not delicious, accordingly it belongs to high fever quantity, tall adipose food, quantity of heat amounts to 692 kilocalorie / 100g, adipose content is to be as high as 50% more. So, obese person is bacon of unfavorable excessive edible.