Black chicken broth can reduce weight how much does black chicken broth drink

Black chicken broth although quantity of heat does not calculate very tall, the oil inside it is quite much still nevertheless, accordingly, the friends that if be in,reduce weight, still drink black chicken broth less to had been compared as far as possible, gain flesh very easily otherwise.

Can black chicken broth reduce weight

Black chicken broth does not have action reducing weight.

The full abdomen that although can enhance oneself,black chicken broth drinks during reducing weight feels, reduce alimental of other high quantity of heat to absorb, during reducing weight OK and right amount edible, but it also is nourishing soup tastes a kind of tall nutrition at the same time, did not promote the action of adipose metabolization, accordingly black chicken broth does not have the effect that reduce weight.

How much does black chicken broth drink

Bowls 1-2 is small can.

General proposal drinks black chicken broth to drink 1-2 small bowl can, because long-term and many edible brings about get fat easily not only, and overmuch human body also cannot absorb edible completely its nutrition composition, can bring about redundant nurture to pledge accumulation is inside intestines and stomach, make high load capacity of intestines and stomach is run, may bring about intestines and stomach the reaction such as unwell, indigestion.

The effect of black chicken broth

Black chicken all is black because of mouth of its skin, flesh, bone, reason gets this to say, the black chicken that nevertheless also a few breed artificially is bones of the dead. Rich melanin is contained in black chicken, the action; that after be used as medicine, can rise to make the erythrocyte inside human body a

nd hematin proliferous contains many protein, vitamin a variety of nutriment such as B a group of things with common features, and content all flesh of the chicken with common prep above, duck, it is the cordial with extremely high value of a kind of nutrition. The flesh of black chicken is qualitative very delicate, and nutrient value is rich, and have certain sanitarian effect.

The practice of black chicken broth

Material: Black chicken, rose, ginger, Chinese prickly ash, peppery, salt, red jujube


1, clear the black chicken that buys clean, cut chunk to reserve then.

2, clear water, ginger, Chinese prickly ash is put in boiler, boil, put black chicken, after waiting for water to be boiled again black chicken fish out abluent.

3, water, Jiang Pian and black chicken, red jujube, rose is put in Bao boiler, bao a hour.

4, put salt, pepper, continue Bao a hour.

5, the scrap of float oily fish out Shang Zhong, filter soup juice, take the advantage of heat to drink soup to eat the meat.