Dried meat how is drumstick saved dried meat drumstick can be saved how long

Dried meat drumstick is in countrywide each district is very popular special purchases for the Spring Festival, every arrive spend the New Year, souse of the metropolis in the home a few bacon, so if prepared of a lot of dried meat drumstick, how should we save ability to make it not degenerative at ordinary times?

Dried meat how is drumstick saved

1, dried meat good drumstick, do not place too long. If the word in the winter, temperature inferior, humidity also below the circumstance of moderate, be like plan general dried meat drumstick eats inside short time, be like 2 weeks, in room temperature under 20 ℃ , humidity under 60 ℃ when, need not put freezer, it is OK to should be put in ventilated, gloomy and cold place only. If need to be saved for long, want will dried meat drumstick is farther adust, insolation, with last bag will enclose according to one-time edible heft, put inside the freezer compartment of freezer to save, can deposit 6 months commonly. But still suggest everybody eats rapidly.

2, if be redemptive,come dried meat drumstick, also should abide by when save microtherm and dry two environments principle, such word expiration period is in commonly 3-6 month.

Dried meat drumstick can be saved how long

Dried meat drumstick is unfavorable had placed long, general winter temperature inferior, humidity is not big also, if eat inside plan fortnight, and indoor air temperature under centigrade 20 degrees, humidity under 60% , need not use put into freezer, should put in ventilated, shady and cool ground to go to the lavatory only but. If need to be saved for long, can parch cured meat further first, insolation, with last bag enclose by edible deal, put within freezer freezer compartment to store, can deposit 6 months commonly. But nevertheless, still suggest everybody as early as possible edible. As a result of dried meat the environment with drumstick dry need, because this does not suit,save in freezer safe.

Dried meat the practice of drumstick

Raw material: Drumstick 2, liquor 1 2, soy of ﹑ of salt of ﹑ of Chinese prickly ash each are right amount.


1, inclined on drumstick delimit 3 knives, see character had better. Delimit beautiful knife is in souse when, easier tasty, also can make the grease of drumstick goes down cut prediction of a person's luck in a given year, taste not oily not be bored with.

2, wipe salt toward drumstick with the hand, also wipe inside beautiful knife on. Can pile up a bottom flavour to drumstick, but the moisture with purify redundant drumstick, achieve dry sweet dainty cured meat mouthfeel.

3, enter Chinese prickly ash, can rise to go the action of raw meat or fish, catch drumstick and Chinese prickly ash divide evenly repeatedly with the hand.

4, enter right amount soy, catch drumstick divide evenly with the hand.

5, go in liquor, can make drumstick has the taste of bacon inside short time, degree jumps over good; higher not to use cooking wine, c

ooking wine won't make drumstick has the taste of bacon.

6, catch drumstick and soup juice divide evenly, souse 24 hours.

7, in putting bowl, after boiler leaves, 30~40 of evaporate of medium baking temperature minute OK. Like mouthfeel exquisite can eat directly, habitual doing is sweet can air basks in a few days.

Dried meat how does drumstick choose

New drumstick skin shows weak white, brawny and bouncy, flavour of dry as good as, press gently gently with the hand pressure can recover from an illness very quickly Pi Chengdan gray of; Biedermeier drumstick or yellow, muscle is more loose, colour and lustre is darker, have spend peculiar smell gently, press with the hand press, can leave remarkable mark.