How can preserved egg bowel often eat preserved egg bowel

Preserved egg bowel is in north is a kind of very common provision actually, do not spend the young associate to south people for, more unfamiliar however, its have a way extraordinary diversity, next preserved egg bowel understand how to should eat together below.

How does preserved egg bowel eat

Raw material: Pink of preserved egg bowel, chili, oily, salt, pachyrhizus, carrot.


1, preserved egg bowel cuts small, when cutting, Dao Xianfang is ironed into hot water oh. Spread next it is above bean curd.

2, the preserved egg after been cut is wrapped on pachyrhizus pink, the blast in oily bowl is being put later becomes golden to leather egg after float rises, scoop up except preserved egg.

3, in putting garlic, green pepper, carrot bowl, fry, leather egg is put again later, join salt to flavor to be able to give boiler.

Can preserved egg bowel often eat


Often had better not eat preserved egg bowel, above all preserved egg contains heavy metal lead, eat much can bring about human body toxic, and the egg eats much also can lift cholesterol content.

How is preserved egg bowel saved

Oneself do good preserved egg bowel, if one-time if eating, can have installed with sealed bag, put freezer to undertake cold storage, the preserved egg bowel that nevertheless oneself do is unsuited long Tibet, the preserved egg bowel that him proposal does is fed as soon as possible with end.

Preserved egg cannot eat together with what


lthough make the technology of preserved egg now,improving gradually, the preserved egg that do not have lead also is in gradually popular, but do not contain lead namely on behalf of preserved egg, he also can |contain a lot of certain plumbic part among them, say him to cannot eat with be together with soft-shelled turtle so, if eat together, the likelihood can affect the nutrient value of soft-shelled turtle, say we are about to notice in daily life so, preserved egg cannot eat with be together with soft-shelled turtle. Preserved egg also cannot eat with be together with plum, be in for example summer when we like to eat a few preserved egg, still have even if be in summer also is the season that plum appears on the market in great quantities, this still contains a lot ofbecause of the place in preserved egg a few without lead, the place of element of a few nutrition that may |contain a lot of with the place in plum produces reaction, reduce the value of a few nutrition that they contain a lot ofthereby, what serious word still may cause the body is unwell.