Soup of the dove that stew should put cooking wine drink dove soup what to cannot eat

Dove soup is very the food that fill, some of spice should be put when soup of the dove that stew ability will be more delicious, so should soup of the dove that stew put cooking wine, drink dove soup what to cannot eat, look together below.

Should soup of the dove that stew put cooking wine

The proposal can be in scald water when put, stew when do not put. The action that puts cooking wine basically is purify fishy smell, and the dove that stew the first pace is first water of dove flesh scald, can mix blood of consist in dove in the process of scald water the dissolve of fishy smell material such as humoral ketone of medium adipose amine, aldehyde, heterocyclic compound in the grease in Shang Shui, form float foam, the fishy smell of such dove flesh is met abate. And if join cooking wine,be in in this process, go the action of raw meat or fish can be strengthened.

Drink dove soup what to cannot eat

1, flesh of flocks and herds

After drinking dove boiling water, unfavorable edible heats up sexual food. Although columbine flesh sex is smooth, but because dove soup has the very good filling empty, effect that help this world, there can be the body after so a lot of people were drunk calorific, perspired circumstance, right now if eat food of a few hot sexes again, wait a moment e.g. beef, hotpot, with respect to easy get angry.

2, pork

Dove soup has the effect that grow kidney beneficial enrages, and the effect that pork has the beneficial in filling to enrage likewis

e, both is fed together can bring about stagnation of the circulation of vital energy, go against health, because of pork had better not eating after this is drinking dove boiling water.

3, pork liver

After drinking dove boiling water, also had better not eat pork liver. Because pork liver and dove flesh are medium those who contain some to did not break active is enzymatic with other biology nutriment, microelement the chemistry with likelihood sophisticated happening reacts, produce a few material that go against human body, after these material enter human body, can disturb the metabolization of the microelement such as iron, copper, or destroyed a few indispensible vitamins, cause undesirable physiology reaction thereby, bring about melanin ad cool-headed and face minister spot.

Soup of the dove that stew is to put cold water or hot water

Stewing columbine Shang Mo to talk is the scald water measure in front, still be the stew measure from the back, suggest cold water leaves boiler. Because cold water leaves boiler, in heating process, flesh and blood of meeting general dove can nutrient material lifts lukewarmly as water blend in Shang Zhong slowly, stew the Shang Gengxiang that come out so, nutrition is better.

And if use the boiler below hot water, the protein meeting of dove flesh tightens up denaturation for an instant, stew the dove flesh that come out can relative bavin, hard, it is so good that nutrition also is done not have, flavour is done not have so sweet.

Why should soup of the dove that stew go the head goes foot

The likelihood is some people feel not beautiful to perhaps do not love to eat. The head of dove and foot are to be able to eat, without disadvantage. And cerebral phosphatide part is contained in dove head, cerebral phosphatide can defer cerebral tissue and nerve cell consenescence, the nurture such as rich collagen albumen, protein, calcic, phosphor, iron is contained to pledge in foot of dove of helpful to increasing memory; , there also is profit after edible.

Because this is in stew when need not go actually the head goes of the foot, but the head that some people cold-shoulder dove and crural stew sell bad card, because this is met,chop is dropped. Still some of person thinks not to go the head goes foot, stew the get angry of dove Shang Hui that come out, this does not have a basis actually.