The practice corn cheese of corn cheese ate the meeting is fat

Corn cheese is corn bead is joined in common cheese, the flavour that lets cheese more special, corn cheese flavour will be more rich, and oneself are done in the home very convenient also, the way that corn cheese sees together below.

The practice of corn cheese

Raw material: Corn, right amount milk

Burden: The weak grandma of right amount cheese, right amount butter, right amount nest, right amount condensed milk is right amount Ji Shifen


1, the retail jade grain of rice that the supermarket buys or the corn of in bags, clean clean; immerses in putting milk

2, clean dish bottom is wiped on shop upside divides cheese silk; above butter

3, the weak grandma of the nest and condensed milk, take out reserve, can not replace; with milk

4, take out corn bead from inside milk put to a moment ago cheese silk, asperse above on weak grandma and condensed milk;

5, above silk of cheese of the rest on the shop and cheese piece 2-3 piece ~ puts microwave oven Gao Huo 3 minutes ~;

6, take out dish to put right amount Ji Shifen, mix is even, to increase ply;

7, put microwave oven to continue Gao Huo 3-5 minute with respect to success.

Corn cheese ate the meeting is fat

The meeting is fat.

Believe a lot of beautiful eyebrow like to eat cheese very much, sending out especially the corn cheese of corn aroma, can let take money absolutely people ate to return ruminate! But cate and S figure cannot hold concurrently, a few beautiful eyebrow that reducing weight dare not eat cheese of so much corn. Although the quantity of heat of corn cheese is not high, but take light put on weight more, the S that should maintain you figure was about to run his mouth, cannot gluttonous!

The effect of corn cheese

1, filling calcium. Milk products is the optimal choice of food filling calcium, cheese contains the milk products with most calcium just about, and these calcium are absorbed very easily.

2, increase human body strength. Cheese can be promotional human body is small the ability that fights a disease, stimulative metabolization, enhance vigor, protect eye health and maintain skin strong and handsome.

3, stimulative stomach bowel wriggles. Cheese yes lactobacillus and its metabolization child have certain sanitarian effect to human body, be helpful for maintaining human body bowel inside the path normal bacterium group stability and balance, constipation of prevention and cure and diarrhoea.

4, disease of precautionary heart and vessels. In cheese adipose compare with heat energy much, but its cholesterol content is lower however, also have advantageous one side to cardiovascular health.

Corn cheese note

1, cheese quantity of heat is higher, take light put on weight more, the person that taking enzymatic depressor of odd amine oxidation additionally should avoid t

o eat cheese;

2, eat cheese around 1 hour or so not to eat a fruit, after the fruit acid with contains protein and because cheese is medium medium orange encounters, can happen caky, affect human body thereby the assimilation to cheese and absorb;

3, spinach will raid, but should avoid avoid! Spinach contains rich calcium to pledge, the chemical component that cheese place contains can affect calcic assimilation to absorb.