The stomach bilges gas drinks turnip water useful when to drink turnip Shui Zhiwei to bilge gas

Everybody may have not drunk turnip water, the stomach bilges gas should everybody has had, someone says to drink turnip water to be able to treat a stomach to bilge gas, so the stomach bilges gas drinks turnip water useful, when to drink turnip water to treat a stomach to bilge enrage.

Does the stomach bilge does gas drink turnip water useful?

Have certain effect. White turnip sex is cool, flavour laborious, pleasant, enter lung, stomach, large intestine classics, dis

appear is fed, the effect that spends next sluggish, energy of life, full to passing because of food, dyspeptic, inappetence and occurrence abdomen bilges gas, Wan is abdominal distension the symptom such as frowsty, belch has alleviate certainly effect. But if be taste weakling group, unfavorable drink turnip water, because turnip ability in swimming is cool, the meeting is aggravating after using inside intestines and stomach cold cool air, scathing taste this world is angry, shape of aggravating empty symptoms caused by cold factors.


When to drink turnip water to treat a stomach to bilge gas

Perhaps appear in hour of meal second half abdomen bilges when enraging a symptom, drink. Mustard oil is contained in turnip water, in the edible after the meal, can promote peristalsis of gastric bowel path, side aid digestion, alleviate bilge gas symptom, also can avoid to cause stimulation to gastric ministry. Appeared abdomen bilges when angry symptom, also can boil turnip water to drink, the help alleviates bilge gas.


How is turnip water boiled

Feed capable person: Bailuo predicts 300 grams, water 1000 milliliter. ?

Practice: ?

1, will white turnip is abluent, leaf of take out bine, cut agglomerate or piece (need not flay) . ?

2, turn on the water in boiler, conflagration boil. ?

3, the turnip is joined after water is burned, continue to boil 15 minutes, boil Bai Luobo soft. ?

4, after been boil, wait after water is a bit cool, cheng Qi comes, carry even boiling water water to be eaten off together, advocate if drink,boil the water that come out. The turnip can be eaten off best, if liking, drink water not to eat a turnip only also influence of it doesn't matter

Cough eats a turnip raw useful

The turnip can be eaten raw directly when coughing. Because the turnip has,relieve a cough certainly expectorant action, when we cough, voice pharynx and larynx can appear unwell symptom, and the vitamin in the turnip, mineral meeting alleviates illness, make healthy refreshment thereby. ?