Draymond Green had 'obligation' to punch LeBron's balls, Charles Barkley says


Charles Barkley went on Bleacher Report radio on Sunday morning. As usual, he was thinking right.

First, Barkley told hosts Howard Beck and Noah Coslov that he's not overly concerned with who wins the NBA Finals; he'll be in Cuba by Monday's Game 5. If you're down there and see him, let him know.

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Secondly, he had some stuff to say about the Draymond Green-LeBron James incident; James tried to fight through a screen, Green went down, James stepped over Green, and Green — yet again! — went for the nutshot.

Green could wind up suspended for the Warriors' first clinch attempt on Monday, and maybe a Game 6. Barkley isn't knocking him for it, though. (Update: Yep, Green was suspended.)

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It's true; "punching the testicles of those who've wronged you" is somewhere between "child l

abor laws" and "infrastructure upkeep" on the list of American moral obligations.

As for whether the league agrees — things aren't looking great for ol' Draymond. There's "growing concern" with the Warriors that he'll sit at least one game, according to The Undefeated's Marc Spears.