Guy dunks over other guy, who is on fire, during TNT's 'The Dunk King'


Dream up your best fire-inspired jokes — this dunk was lit, he's on fire ("NBA Jam" voice), he's heating up, etc. — and watch a guy dunk over another guy who just happens to be on fire, literally.

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This went down during TNT's "The Dunk King" following the Thunder's Game 4 beatdown of the Warriors. According to its \website, "The Dunk King offers ballers the opportunity of a lifetime: to make the leap from obscurity to celebrity and win $100,000." 

The man who jumped over the man on fire, Kenny Dobbs, did not win. Instead, the victory Tuesday went to Jordan Porter, who at 5-5 dunked over Shaq.

This is also not the first time Dobbs has dunked over a flaming man, so maybe he got docked points for lack of creativity. 

Calgary Flames forward Johnny Gaudreau wanted t

o light his stick on fire during the NHL skills competition in 2015, but the league wouldn't allow it. Hopefully this does cross over to other sports and we can see flaming goal posts, flaming tennis rackets and flaming putting greens, among other flaming things.