LeBron James saves Justin Bieber from RNC performance, career suicide


Dan Gilbert should still be LeBron James' biggest fan. Justin Bieber had better be a close second.

Bieber was set to play a "non-political" event in Cleveland last week, get paid $5 million by Republican donors, and thus sign off on the racist, authoritarian gong show down the street, until James helped convince him otherwise, according to TMZ.

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It sounds like James was the closer for Bieber's manager, Scooter Braun, who threated to quit after failing to make the entire situation a little less terrible. Nothing doing.

We're told Scooter wasn't heavy-handed at first, and talked to Justin about putting Black Lives Matter banners up in the venue. We're told Braun was told he could not display BLM banners, but the donors would accept banners that read "All Lives Matter." The donors also made it clear ... Justin could say nothing disparaging about Trump or the GOP.

Yeah, those banners? We'd prefer if you hang some different ones that say the opposite thing.

The donors apparently had lied to Braun and Co., saying that James would also be in Cleveland at a "non-political" event. That greased the wheels, and they eventually spoke.

This isn't just about James helping Bieber, who remains a clueless jackass. It's about James understanding the importance of celebrity influence over important issues and wielding it the right way.

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There's nothing non-political about Bieber performing within spitting distance of the RNC, on the dime of the people who organize it. There's nothing non-political about taking money to keep your mouth shut.

To support Donald Trump, even if you're a half-degree removed, and Canadian, and stand to make a ton of money in the process, is to sign off on an agenda that would harm a lot of people. If nothing else, it'd piss off a lot of people — pe

ople who support Bieber's work, and create the sort of culture that he co-opts each and every day of his waking life. It'd be bad business.

James knows all of that. If Bieber still doesn't, maybe he will when he grows up.