Russell Westbrook refused to sit out so he could play Reggie Jackson



Ever since Reggie Jackson was traded away from the Thunder, he has endured a hilarious series of verbal blows from his former teammates. During the Thunder's first meeting in Detroit this season, Russell Westbrook was asked about Jackson and responded "Who?" and referred to him as “just another player on another team.”

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There's a clear disdain from Westbrook toward Jackson, and plenty of information about that animosity has leaked into the public. But one story stayed hidden until Nazr Mohammed provided a funny story during his exit interiview Wednesday.

"I mean, what's the game when we were playing against — I hate to mention his name, when we were playing against Detroit," Mohammed said. "It was nice to see a game where sometimes they expect you to sit out, but I love to see Russ like, 'Sit out against Reggie? I want to play.' I love seeing stuff like that, and then go out there — I love how Russ looks at the opposing point guard and he wants to kill everybody. I love it."

Mohammed added it was just his observation that Westbrook wouldn't sit, but said it seemed pretty clear. Kevin Durant was on the bench and so was Serge Ibaka, so it only made sense for Westbrook to sit out as well. 

"I mean, they've had their words, it's not like I'm bringing up something," Mohammed continued. "He's playing against Reggie. Russ wants to go out there, like okay, he was here, you're gone, you said some things, I want to play. This is just my assumption. Russ didn't tell me this, but this is just me looking over at him putting on a jersey when I thought he was going to sit out, and he was like, no, I'm ready to go. I love it, though. That's what it's all about."

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During the season, Jackson celebrated after the Pistons beat the Thunder and Westbrook said, "It was some real bulls—," which led to a back-and-forth in the media. When the Thunder lost to the Warriors in the Western Conference Finals, Jackson hopped on Twitter to share his thoughts.

This rivalry will continue to develop as the years unfold.