Gary Payton says he could never play in NBA 'in this soft era'

NBA Basketball

Gary Payton hasn’t played in the NBA in more than a decade, and that’s probably a good thing.

The Hall of Fame point guard thinks his hard-nosed brand of basketball wouldn’t work in today’s NBA.

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“I could never play basketball in this soft era,” Payton tweeted. “All of my contract money would go toward fines. Lol.”

He also lamented how easy he felt it was to get a technical foul these days. 

"These days u can't make eye contact with a ref without getting a tech," he wrote.

A nine-time NBA All-Star, Payton played in the NBA from 1990-2007. For the majority of his career, handchecking was legal, which helped him gain the reputation as one of the best defensive guards of all time.

Known as “The Glove,” Payton also was

regarded as one of the best trash talkers.