Stephen Curry gets drenched after huge night; hopes Panthers coach gets the same


Stephen Curry had another one of those nights. One of those nights where all eyes were on him and seemingly every shot he took found the bottom of the net.

Simply put, Curry was on fire Wednesday. He dropped 51 points and had 11 3-pointers in the Warriors' 134-121 win over the Wizards. Don't worry — Draymond Green was there to cool him down. The only way to celebrate a huge win is with a standard Gatorade shower. (Green used water, but I won't nitpick.)

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Even after that ex

citement, Curry had just one thing on his mind — his Panthers winning the Super Bowl.

While letting the cold water soak in, Curry said, "I hope that's what (Panthers coach) Ron Rivera gets in about four days." No doubt he would enjoy seeing that as much as we enjoyed watching Draymond do the honors.

(Video via Warriors World)