Michael Jordan misspelled Barack Obama's name on a 50th birthday gift

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President Barack Obama is willing to overlook the fact that former Bulls star Michael Jordan misspelled his name on an autographed poster that was given to him as a gift for his 50th birthday.

Political consultant and former Obama adviser David Axelrod said in a New York Magazine story that Jordan signed a poster for Obama for his milestone birthday in 2011 but incorrectly spelled the president’s first name.

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“When the pres

ident turned 50, I wanted to get him something special … so I sent it to Jordan to have him sign it for me,” Axelrod said.

What he got was not what he asked for. Jordan mistakenly wrote: “To Barrack: you still owe me dinner. Wishing you well, Michael Jordan.”

“I gave it to the president, and he said, ‘I can’t put this up, he misspelled my name!’" Axelrod said. "So I said, ‘Fine, I’ll take it.’”

Despite the error, Obama maintained a sense of humor. When the president called into Raleigh’s David Glenn Show on Monday to discuss the recent death of legendary North Carolina coach Dean Smith, Glenn asked Obama about the misspelling.

“You know what, Michael will always have a place in my heart,” Obama said. “The joy that he gave all of Chicago. He’s actually an early supporter. I think I may have been the first publicly acknowledged contribution he made politically.

“He talks trash on the golf course, I understand even though he’s never played with me. … He’s a pretty hyper-competitive guy. Obviously, somebody wasn’t giving him the proper spelling of my name. I’m going to forgive him for that because I have six (NBA) championship memories (with the 1990s Chicago Bulls) that will never go away.”