Kenneth Faried admits to flop during Steve Blake's flagrant foul


Trailblazers guard Steve Blake stands 6-3 and tips the scales at 172 pounds.

Nuggets forward Kenneth

Faried comes in at 6-8 and weighs 228 pounds.

On paper, this doesn't even look like a contest, but the longtime NBA veteran has some moxie, and he showed it on Sunday night, decking Faried to the floor following a back pick during their 119-100 win over the Nuggets.

Blake was issued a flagrant foul for his shoulder barge, but Faried should be given something for the obvious flop. Faried, the consummate pro he is, admitted to as much following the game. From

He got mad I back-picked him. I'm playing offense, I'm making sure my point guard got open, and he ran into the back pick trying to go to my point guard. Then he got mad about it and pushed me. Yeah, I fell down to make sure the ref saw it.

The NBA has yet to make a statement regarding the flop, but Faried can expect a phone call from the league office based on their strict policy in regards to flopping even though it was a smart move to embellish in that situation.