NBA Playoffs: Once again, undervalued Kyle Lowry rescues Raptors


It was fitting that Kyle Lowry played the best game of anyone on the floor as the Toronto Raptors assumed a 3-2 series lead in a series few gave them a chance to win.

The odds facing the Raptors entering these playoffs mirror what Lowry has dealt with his entire career. Lowry never quite receives his proper due, no matter how well he plays or how much heart he shows.

As has become the norm, he showed both in a tight 115-113 Game 5 win over the Brooklyn Nets. Lowry was hot from the onset, producing 21 points and an impossible buzzer-beater in the first half of play. 

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But his best basketball was reserved for the clutch moments. Sure, DeMar DeRozan is the All-Star on the team, but the Raptors turned t

o Lowry when they needed big baskets in the closing minutes.

He delivered with ease on back-to-back plays, knocking in a deep 3-pointer and finishing a floater over the top after he broke Deron Williams down with a behind-the-back dribble. Lowry's excellence amounted to a quite impressive final stat line of 36 points and six assists in 38 minutes.

If the Raptors wind up winning out against the Nets, Lowry will be the obvious reason.