Report: Carmelo Anthony to meet with Knicks in Los Angeles


Carmelo Anthony's tour could come to an end Thursday when he meets with the Knicks in Los Angeles, according to Chris Broussard of 

Anthony will start the day with a visit to the Lakers, meeting a group that is set to include Kobe Bryant, according to Anthony met earlier this week with the Bulls, Rockets and Mavericks.

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The Knicks can make the most lucrative offer to Anthony, who is enjoying life as an unrestricted free agent. New York can offer $129 million over five years, while all other suitors can provide four years and $96 million.

UPDATE: The Lakers reportedly made it clear Thursday that they were willing to give out a max deal:

New York is expected to want a commitment from Anthony, but that is unlikely to happen, according to Frank Isola of the New York Daily News.