Boston Celtics grant wish to New Zealand boy who is losing his vision


It won't be long before 12-year-old Louis Corbett is completely blind.

The New Zealand native suffers from a rare genetic condition called retinitis pigmentosa, in which the retina cells increasingly degenerate over time, typically by the time the person is in their 40s.

But Louis' condition has deteriorated rapidly in the past six months, so much so that it is likely he will be legally blind well before he turns 40. According to the New Zealand Herald, the Corbett family is doing everything in its power to get Louis "a visual data

base, as many environments, colors and graphics as possible before he goes blind."

Louis' biggest dream is to see the Boston Celtics play live, and with his vision getting worse and worse, a Facebook page and fundraising campaign were started to help the youngster live out his dream.

The Grousbeck family, which owns a majority stake in the Celtics, have a personal connection with Louis' condition, as their son Campbell suffers from vision impairment. The Celtics reached out the Corbett family, offering to host Louis and his father at TD Garden on March 5 when the team takes on Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors. Other companies such as Bank of America and Air New Zealand pitched in to help cover the costs of travel and lodging.

While his vision decreases, Louis' spirits remain high knowing that his biggest wish is coming true.

(H/T Elite Daily)