Kobe Bryant wants to flush Lakers season from memory


We're not alone in our desire to forget the Los Angeles Lakers' struggle of a season. Kobe Bryant would like to as well. 

The Lakers sit at 26-55 with one of the worst records in franchise history. Few teams in the Los Angeles' rich history have come close to losing quite like this year's edition of the Lakers. 

Much of that happened without Bryant on the basketball court, as he returned from a torn Achilles for six games before he suffered a fractured tibia. Bryant held out hope for a second return, but was eventually shut down.

While he sat, the Lakers lost — a lot. In the absence of Bryant, Steve Nash and Pau Gasol, Los Angeles struggled to find consistent play. They had a rotating cast of role players and D-Leaguers in and out of the lineup.


So, in short, this was a season to forget. And Bryant is ready to shift his mind toward next year.