Odell Beckham Jr. has perfect comeback to Myles Garrett's joke about 'The Last Dance' spanking scene

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Bottoms up.

In a moment relived on ESPN's "The Last Dance," following a rough-and-tumble back-and-forth affair between Bulls' Dennis Rodman and Utah Jazz power forward Karl Malone, the players exchanged a pair of butt slaps that leaned a bit more malicious than the usual respectful pat on the bottom.

Late Sunday, Browns defensive end Myles Garrett mirrored the spanking incident — words I'm sure you figured you'd be reading on a Monday afternoon — to teammate Odell Beckham Jr. giving an armed security guard a big ol' smack on the rear following LSU's national championship victory in January.

Beckham, Garrett's teammate, noticed and responded to the tweet, bringing a little jab and levity to the situation:

The "assault" reference, of course, is aimed at Garrett swinging away at Steelers' Mason Rudolph's head with a helmet during a Browns-Steelers matchup last season. The altercation resulted in Garrett being suspended the remainder of the 2019 season, while the defensive end was reinstated earlier this offseason.

An arrest warrant for Beckham was issued, but the simple battery charge was eventually dropped after the Louisiana DA decided not to pursue the case.

Let this be a lesson: don't be asses to each other. And try to avoid smacking them, too.