NFL Draft order 2019: Full list of all 254 picks for Rounds 1-7


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The will be trades, yes. But for now, the full order of picks for the 2019 NFL Draft is set.

While the NFL Draft order of picks for 2019 was established at the conclusion of last season, trades have already re-arranged many of the selections in Rounds 1-7. Compensatory NFL Draft picks also were awarded to 15 teams and tacked onto the back ends of the third, fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh rounds of the 2019 NFL Draft, adding to the full list of picks that total 254 for 2019.

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The Patriots were awarded four compensatory NFL Draft picks in 2019, tied for the most given to any team in the league, which brought their total to 12 overall draft picks in 2019. Because, you know, the defending Super Bowl champions need all the help they can get in the form of NFL Draft picks. Only the Giants enter the 2019 NFL Draft with as many picks as the Patriots have in total.

Of course, the total number of NFL Draft picks for each team in 2019 is likely to change as trades — either before or during the selection process — impact the draft order and full list of picks. It's also worth repeating that there are 254 total draft picks in 2019, not the traditional 256, because the Redskins and Giants each forfeited one 2019 NFL Draft pick when they selected players in last year's supplemental draft.

Below is the complete list of all NFL Draft picks in 2019 from No. 1 overall to Mr. Irrelevant at No. 254.

NFL Draft order: Full list of picks in 2019

Round 1Round-pick-overallTeam1- 1- 1Arizona Cardinals1- 2- 2San Francisco 49ers1- 3- 3New York Jets1- 4- 4Oakland Raiders1- 5- 5Tampa Bay Buccaneers1- 6- 6New York Giants1- 7- 7Jacksonville Jaguars1- 8- 8Detroit Lions1- 9- 9Buffalo Bills1-10-10Denver Broncos1-11-11Cincinnati Bengals1-12-12Green Bay Packers1-13-13Miami Dolphins1-14-14Atlanta Falcons1-15-15Washington Redskins1-16-16Carolina Panthers1-17-17New York Giants from Cleveland Browns1-18-18Minnesota Vikings1-19-19Tenn

essee Titans1-20-20Pittsburgh Steelers1-21-21Seattle Seahawks1-22-22Baltimore Ravens1-23-23Houston Texans1-24-24Oakland Raiders from Chicago Bears1-25-25Philadelphia Eagles1-26-26Indianapolis Colts1-27-27Oakland Raiders from Dallas Cowboys1-28-28Los Angeles Chargers1-29-29Seattle Seahawks from Kansas City Chiefs1-30-30Green Bay Packers from New Orleans Saints1-31-31Los Angeles Rams1-32-32New England Patriots

Round 2Round-pick-overallTeam2- 1-33Arizona Cardinals2- 2-34Indianapolis Colts from New York Jets2- 3-35Oakland Raiders2- 4-36San Francisco 49ers2- 5-37New York Giants2- 6-38Jacksonville Jaguars2- 7-39Tampa Bay Buccaneers2- 8-40Buffalo Bills2- 9-41Denver Broncos2-10-42Cincinnati Bengals2-11-43Detroit Lions2-12-44Green Bay Packers2-13-45Atlanta Falcons2-14-46Washington Redskins2-15-47Carolina Panthers2-16-48Miami Dolphins2-17-49Cleveland Browns2-18-50Minnesota Vikings2-19-51Tennessee Titans2-20-52Pittsburgh Steelers2-21-53Philadelphia Eagles from Baltimore Ravens2-22-54Houston Texans from Seattle Seahawks2-23-55Houston Texans2-24-56New England Patriots from Chicago Bears2-25-57Philadelphia Eagles2-26-58Dallas Cowboys2-27-59Indianapolis Colts2-28-60Los Angeles Chargers2-29-61Kansas City Chiefs2-30-62New Orleans Saints2-31-63Kansas City Chiefs from Los Angeles Rams2-32-64New England Patriots

Round 3Round-pick-overallTeam3- 1- 65Arizona Cardinals3- 2- 66Pittsburgh Steelers from Oakland Raiders3- 3- 67San Francisco 49ers3- 4- 68New York Jets3- 5- 69Jacksonville Jaguars3- 6- 70Tampa Bay Buccaneers3- 7-Choice Forfeited by New York Giants3- 8- 71Denver Broncos3- 9- 72Cincinnati Bengals3-10- 73New England Patriots from Detroit Lions3-11- 74Buffalo Bills3-12- 75Green Bay Packers3-13- 76Washington Redskins3-14- 77Carolina Panthers3-15- 78Miami Dolphins3-16- 79Atlanta Falcons3-17- 80Cleveland Browns3-18- 81Minnesota Vikings3-19- 82Tennessee Titans3-20- 83Pittsburgh Steelers3-21- 84Kansas City Chiefs from Seattle Seahawks3-22- 85Baltimore Ravens3-23- 86Houston Texans3-24- 87Chicago Bears3-25- 88Detroit Lions from Philadelphia Eagles3-26- 89Indianapolis Colts3-27- 90Dallas Cowboys3-28- 91Los Angeles Chargers3-29- 92Seattle Seahawks from Kansas City Chiefs3-30- 93New York Jets from New Orleans Saints3-31- 94Los Angeles Rams3-32- 95New York Giants from New England Patriots through Cleveland Browns3-32- 96Washington Redskins (Compensatory Selection)3-33- 97New England Patriots (Compensatory Selection)3-34- 98Jacksonville from Los Angeles Rams (Compensatory Selection)3-35- 99Los Angeles Rams (Compensatory Selection)3-36-100Carolina Panthers (Compensatory Selection)3-37-101New England Patriots (Compensatory Selection)3-38-102Baltimore Ravens (Compensatory Selection)

Round 4Round-pick-overallTeam4- 1-103Arizona Cardinals4- 2-104San Francisco 49ers4- 3-105New York Jets4- 4-106Oakland Raiders4- 5-107Tampa Bay Buccaneers4- 6-108New York Giants4- 7-109Jacksonville Jaguars4- 8-110Cincinnati Bengals4- 9-111Detroit Lions4-10-112Buffalo Bills4-11-113Baltimore Ravens from Denver Broncos4-12-114Green Bay Packers4-13-115Carolina Panthers4-14-116Miami Dolphins4-15-117Atlanta Falcons4-16-118Green Bay Packers from Washington Redskins4-17-119Cleveland Browns4-18-120Minnesota Vikings4-19-121Tennessee Titans4-20-122Pittsburgh Steelers4-21-123Baltimore Ravens4-22-124Seattle Seahawks4-23-125Denver Broncos from Houston Texans4-24-126Chicago Bears4-25-127Philadelphia Eagles4-26-128Dallas Cowboys4-27-129Indianapolis Colts4-28-130Los Angeles Chargers4-29-131Buffalo Bills from Kansas City Chiefs4-30-132New York Giants from New Orleans Saints4-31-133Los Angeles Rams4-32-134New England Patriots4-33-135Indianapolis Colts (Compensatory Selection)4-34-136Dallas Cowboys (Compensatory Selection)4-35-137Atlanta Falcons (Compensatory Selection)4-36-138Philadelphia Eagles (Compensatory Selection)

Round 5Round-pick-overallTeam5- 1-139Arizona Cardinals5- 2-140Oakland Raiders from New York Jets5- 3-141Pittsburgh Steelers from Oakland Raiders5- 4-142New York Giants from San Francisco 49ers through Detroit Lions5- 5-143New York Giants5- 6-144Cleveland Browns from Jacksonville Jaguars5- 7-145Tampa Bay Buccaneers5- 8-146Detroit Lions5- 9-147Buffalo Bills5-10-148Denver Broncos5-11-149Cincinnati Bengals5-12-150Green Bay Packers5-13-151Miami Dolphins5-14-152Atlanta Falcons5-15-153Washington Redskins5-16-154Carolina Panthers5-17-155Cleveland Browns5-18-156Denver Broncos from Minnesota Vikings5-19-157Tennessee Titans5-20-158Buffalo Bills from Pittsburgh Steelers through Oakland Raiders5-21-159Seattle Seahawks5-22-160Baltimore Ravens5-23-161Houston Texans5-24-162Chicago Bears5-25-163Philadelphia Eagles5-26-164Indianapolis Colts5-27-165Dallas Cowboys5-28-166Los Angeles Chargers5-29-167Kansas City Chiefs5-30-168New Orleans Saints5-31-169Los Angeles Rams5-32-170Cleveland Browns from New England Patriots5-33-171New York Giants (Compensatory Selection)5-34-172Atlanta Falcons (Compensatory Selection)5-35-173Washington Redskins (Compensatory Selection)

Round 6Round-pick-overallTeam6- 1-174Arizona Cardinals6- 2-175Pittsburgh Steelers from Oakland Raiders6- 3-176San Francisco 49ers6- 4-177New Orleans Saints from New York Jets6- 5-178Jacksonville Jaguars6- 6-179Arizona Cardinals from Tampa Bay Buccaneers6- 7-180New York Giants6- 8-181Buffalo Bills6- 9-182Denver Broncos6-10-183Cincinnati Bengals6-11-184Detroit Lions6-12-185Green Bay Packers6-13-186Atlanta Falcons6-14-Choice Forfeited by Washington Redskins6-15-187Carolina Panthers6-16-188Tennessee Titans from Miami Dolphins6-17-189Cleveland Browns6-18-190Minnesota Vikings6-19-191Baltimore Ravens from Tennessee Titans6-20-192Pittsburgh Steelers6-21-193Baltimore Ravens6-22-194Green Bay Packers from Seattle Seahawks6-23-195Houston Texans6-24-196New York Jets from Chicago Bears through Oakland Raiders6-25-197Philadelphia Eagles6-26-198Cincinnati Bengals from Dallas Cowboys6-27-199Indianapolis Colts6-28-200Los Angeles Chargers6-29-201Kansas City Chiefs6-30-202New Orleans Saints6-31-203Los Angeles Rams6-32-204Detroit Lions from New England Patriots6-33-205New England Patriots (Compensatory Selection)6-34-206Washington Redskins (Compensatory Selection)6-35-207Pittsburgh Steelers from Arizona Cardinals (Compensatory Selection)6-36-208Tampa Bay Buccaneers from Philadelphia Eagles (Compensatory Selection)6-37-209Minnesota Vikings (Compensatory Selection)6-38-210Cincinnati Bengals (Compensatory Selection)6-39-211Cincinnati Bengals (Compensatory Selection)6-40-212San Francisco 49ers (Compensatory Selection)6-41-213Cincinnati Bengals (Compensatory Selection)6-42-214Kansas City Chiefs (Compensatory Selection)

Round 7Round-pick-overallTeam7- 1-215Tampa Bay Buccaneers from Arizona Cardinals7- 2-216Kansas City Chiefs from San Francisco 49ers7- 3-217New York Jets7- 4-218Oakland Raiders7- 5-219Pittsburgh Steelers from Tampa Bay Buccaneers7- 6-220Houston Texans from New York Giants through Denver Broncos7- 7-221Cleveland Browns from Jacksonville Jaguars7- 8-222Chicago Bears from Denver Broncos through Philadelphia Eagles7- 9-223Cincinnati Bengals7-10-224Detroit Lions7-11-225Buffalo Bills7-12-226Green Bay Packers7-13-227Washington Redskins7-14-228Buffalo Bills from Carolina Panthers7-15-229Detroit Lions from Miami Dolphins7-16-230Atlanta Falcons7-17-231New Orleans Saints from Cleveland Browns7-18-232New York Giants from Minnesota Vikings7-19-233Miami Dolphins from Tennessee Titans7-20-234Miami Dolphins from Pittsburgh Steelers through Cleveland Browns7-21-235Oakland Raiders from Seattle Seahawks7-22-236Jacksonville Jaguars from Baltimore Ravens7-23-237Denver Broncos from Houston Texans7-24-238Chicago Bears7-25-239New England Patriots from Philadelphia Eagles7-26-240Indianapolis Colts7-27-241Dallas Cowboys7-28-242Los Angeles Chargers7-29-243New England Patriots from Chiefs through 49ers and Browns7-30-244New Orleans Saints7-31-245New York Giants from Los Angeles Rams7-32-246New England Patriots7-33-247Minnesota Vikings (Compensatory Selection)7-34-248Arizona Cardinals (Compensatory Selection)7-35-249Arizona Cardinals (Compensatory Selection)7-36-250Minnesota Vikings (Compensatory Selection)7-37-251Los Angeles Rams (Compensatory Selection)7-38-252New England Patriots (Compensatory Selection)7-39-253Washington Redskins (Compensatory Selection)7-40-254Arizona Cardinals (Compensatory Selection)