Chargers DE claims Patriots security guard 'assaulted' kid prior to game


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Chargers defensive end Chris McCain has a fun tradition before every game where he will pick a kid out of the stands and bring them down onto the field for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You can scroll through his Instagram page and see all of the times he has done it this season.

But if you look at his latest post, you'll see he ran into a problem while trying to continue his tradition Sunday in Foxborough, Mass., before the Chargers played the Patriots. He provided video and photos of him being stopped by a Gillette Stadium security guard, and he explained in his caption what happened.


This walk was special because this security guard tried h

is hardest to stop my walk today. He first told me I couldn't take him without proper credentials. I got the credentials and he stopped us in the video you see and says "you can't walk cause you went a got a pass just for him". So then he grabs the kid arm and snatches the pass away from him. I told him "never do that again especially in front of me". Kid then starts crying. So the guard knew he was wrong and still didn't budge but can see the guilt. BUT I refuse to not walk a kid before a game. THIS IS BIGGER THAN FOOTBALL @nfl @nflnetwork @nflplayers This man technically assaulted this kid by grabbing his arm and snatching the pass. And hopefully you do your job and bring attention to this. @espn

A post shared by Chris McCain (@humble_beginnings16) on Oct 29, 2017 at 4:25pm PDT

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McCain still got to share some time with the kid, and as you can tell by the last photo, the Chargers player gave the youngster his jersey. He expressed more frustration on Twitter after the game.