Tyrod Taylor took a Snapchat on Thursday morning of himself apparently preparing for surgery.

Shortly after people noticed, the Bills' public relations department released a passive-aggressive statement confirming the procedure.

"[Taylor] had a consultation visit yesterday with Dr. William Meyers and elected to have surgery this morning. The Bills were informed late yesterday of this morning's procedure."

People have taken notice to the Bills' use of the word "elected" and the fact that they felt the need to specify the time at which they found out. The "elected" part makes it sound like Taylor didn't really need surgery but perhaps had it for other reasons ... 30 million other reasons, to be exact.

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Taylor has an insurance policy written into his contract that would pay him $30.75 million in guaranteed money if he's unable to pass a physical by March 11. This surgery, reportedly for a core muscle issue, could make it hard for him to pass the physical in time, as he has a reported recovery of six weeks. 

ESPN's Adam Schefter had previously reported Taylor's benching in Week 17 was a "business decision" so the Bills wouldn't have to pay that $30-plus million.

Taylor was vocally agitated toward the organization Monday when he fielded questions from reporters. He felt being benched wasn't fair, and he wasn't sure about his future in Buffalo because he felt the decision showed a lack of confidence in him.