Watch Laremy Tunsil get into fight at Dolphins camp



Laremy Tunsil doesn't need anymore negative attention, yet here he is. 

The former Ole Miss offensive tackle and first-round draft pick was captured on video getting into a fight with Dolphins teammate Chris McCain, a defensive end, at the team's preseason training camp. 

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Below is a video of the scuffle between Tunsil, white No. 67, and McCain, aqua No. 58. 

There are bound to be more preseason fights among NFL teams; this one is just being dubbed the "first fight." Normally, each debacle is brushed off to preseason pressures, but Tunsil needs to control himself. After being the highlight of the 2016 NFL Draft, and not in a good way, it is best Tunsil stays out of any and all trouble. 

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What should have been a great night for Tunsil, the No. 13 overall pick back in April, turned into a nightmare as his social media acc

ounts were hacked. There was a video showing Tunsil in a gas mask doing drugs and screenshots of him asking Ole Miss coaches for money via text messages.