A list of names posted up of integral of F1 car hand is newest rank: Hanmierdu is integral chase after Pingweisidapan

Tounament of F1 of 2021 sports season ends sports season especially in sand the contention of the 21st station, experience the contention that a free and easy rises and fall, hanmierdu carries off sanded especially big award surpasses champion, take next the fastest only groups, runner-up of Wei Sida Pan, two people accumulate split phase to be the same as on integral a list of names posted up, it is 369.5 minutes together, will be in o

ne week later the station decides Abuzabi final champion is attributive.

Bodasi is in the 3rd with 218 minutes of platoons, peileicibenchangbi is surpassed quit game, but still rank with 190 minutes

the 4th, lekelaier is ranked with 158 minutes the 5th, nuolisi is ranked with 154 minutes the 6th, sai Ensi is in with 149.5 the 7th, likaduo with 115 minutes a row the 8th, jiasili is ranked with 100 minutes the 9th, a Longsuo lists the 10th with 77 minutes.

Original title: F1 car hand is integral: With cent! Integral chases after Hanmierdu responsibility edits Pingweisidapan: Li Xiaoling