After lake person loses a ball power little by condemn both in speech and writing big model: Take 3 pairs of member that be not good shot

Before lake person one advocate be defeated by spur, experience 5 be defeated repeatedly, power little because not beautiful is numeroused people to indicate, condemn both in speech and writing.

Power little this match feel not beautiful, 20 cast 4 in, 3 minutes of balls 3 cast 0 in, take 12 bank 11 secondary attack, although say to take below 3 pairs, but losing a value is - 23, it is lowest of the player on lake person field. After contest, power also be being scolded less is let loose a stream of abuse against sb, went up very quickly the hot search of American gregarious media, be called to be Tie Wei (Westbrick) .

Before NBA advocate the handsome, Si Tan that currently holds the post ofTV news analyst - Fangandi di

d not forget right power little undertake filling knife, he says, in NBA, can take 3 pairs not to prove you are hit well.

This can say is stamp arrived power little pain spot, because long-term since many people say power little although data is interesting, take 3 pairs easy as my eyes, but it is brush of a data, play a ball game efficiency

is lower.

Power after was being surpassed less yesterday, did not accept interview, with respect to vamoose ball house, and after Lebulang is surpassed, be power little plead, although shoot a basket is bad,say him, play a ball game special go all out, special effort, lake person player understands this, meet without the person so blame power is little.

Original title: Power after losing a ball less by condemn both in speech and writing big model filling knife: ? Choke of ⒎ of bud   people responsibility of flood dragon? edits: Li Xiaoling