Because Lai overcomes Er to admit trip of the have loose bowels in match of alive bound cup came out with respect to gush

Because Lai overcomes Er to admit trip of the have loose bowels in match of alive bound cup came out with respect to gush

Lai because Kerr is constellation of England football name, he is in player times the ball wind with grace is celebrated, be known as football gent. Because Kerr admits,do not cross Lai, oneself ever also had confronted awkward issue in the match, for instance 1990 when the world cup, because Lai overcomes Er to cannot help in the match have loose bowels.

First-run group surpassed the world cup 1990, england is opposite an Ireland, because Kerr head is sent and that match Lai is hit into one ball, nevertheless the second half is changed. Because Lai overcomes Er memory to say: In that one evening before first-run group is surpassed I fell ill, because diarrhoea woke many times. I do not want to tell advocate handsome Bobby - Luobusen, because I think he may move me,give a hair list, and I want as always to play the game.

Because Lai overcomes Er to say then: Anyhow, the match began, I am no problem, but about 20 minutes I am jerky, knowing is what reason. But I still kicked half of a game or contest, I think I can do not have a thing. We kicked the second half again 10 to 15 minutes, me again jerky, I think, I encounter a trouble now. The Zun Lu of orchid team passes ball Cong Aier, I try to hold back to the past, but trip is in the ground. I loosened a second at that time, cannot help next gush came out.

That resembles Oh, my day! It is everywhere. If you had seen match kinescope, can discover a bit evidence. Teammate Gary - Sidiwensi comes over to ask I gave what issue. I pulled him body to go up, I just do not know how to should do. Acknowledgment is sacred, what I wore that day is blue-black ball pants, I brushed rise, resembling is a dog in him attrition on the meadow.

Because final Lai overcomes Er to be changed by midway: Surprising is later I still found how large space in the match, I am in all the time smell. Final Bobby - Luobusen's coach must change me, I am written down is Steve - Boer changed me, and I went reserve banquet. Almost the reserve banquet of every field is the same as a side in player passageway

, but in that field, reserve banquet is in the other a side of player passageway, accordingly I must not be on bad terms reserve player people wait for together go up in reserve banquet. You can see everybody is hiding I, I am alone the person sits over to feel sad for oneself.

Because Kerr is in,nevertheless this thing did not affect Lai 1990 the expression on the world cup, he is hit into 4 balls in altogether of that world cup, help England is killed entered semifinals, that

is the optimal achievement that England carries off was obtained on the world cup after world cup champion 1966, till 2018 the world cup just is chased after to make the same score.

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