Before UFC player is surpassed, detect Telangpu still congratulates diagnose new coronal UFC intermediary heat

Before UFC player is surpassed, detect Telangpu still congratulates diagnose new coronal UFC intermediary heat

The United States local time 9 days, UFC (culminating fistfight championship) a formal contest was held in Florida, declare match of this profession wrestling sets sail again after come to a standstill.

Still be in in view of new coronal epidemic situation nevertheless indulge in wilful persecution, virus of type of empty field match, carpet detects wait for measure cannot little, before contest one takes part in the match the player still is detected to go out contracted new coronal virus.

Because new coronal epidemic situation spreads continuously, sports match of the United States already come to a standstill the time of near two months. To restart sports, each projects are undertaking all sorts of attempts are explored. 9 days of matches that this UFC249 that undertake stands are held in new York on April 18 formerly, but as a result of feral epidemic situation by remit to now.

After reshipment go into battle, the victory or defeat of match itself already so not important, how the central point that safe match makes all circles pay close attention to, also include the controller of other sports project and match, organizer among them. This match also is regarded as to weigh opened test to surpass by match of sports of profession of a lot of United States.

For safe go back to work, UFC introduced be as long as the safe admittance regulation of 25 pages, among them the most important virus before be being surpassed namely probably detected. Just about profit from detects this, the organizer of this station match captured successfully in 8 days Sa of all alone of player of the person that new coronal virus is affected, Brazil, two his assistant as much in action.

Diagnose case of illness did not cause panic in the spot, UFC just cancelled the match that all alone Sa participates in. Chairman UFC White to the match how to prevent measure each to express very complacent.

Present world and two months are completely different before, sports game is different also, but the each preparation work that the bottom line is us is very perfect, each regulation can be effective. The most terrible is us after ending the contest two days, tell everybody suddenly all alone to Sa contracted new coronal virus, this ability how terrible. This proved our admittance detailed rules is effective. White says.

So say the likelihood is a little malapropos, but we work beautifully really, our admittance detailed rules lets virus do not have an opportunity given by. As the match increase that we hold, our virus detects the mechanism will be more complete. Next we should continue to perfect in the match, it is OK that we should prove professional sports safe match. Bosom spy complement says.

From solid hold angle to look, match organization carried out each safety precaution. For example empty field match, all participation match personnel does virus to detect entirely, the judgment inside field and other staff member maintain social distance, wait besides tournament player, compere, referee have immunity beyond, the member that the others field mies wife must adorn guaze mask, glove. Establishment also needs the space between match bout disinfection.

Look from athletics angle, some taking part in the match after the player is surpassed, express, comparative with

out spot audience contest is influential, some moment need to change war strategy even.

American president Telangpu also pays close attention to very much to this match, he expresses congratulation to UFC go back to work.

Telangpu says: We have deep love for this match. This match is very important also. Let us bring back sports match, let us restart the match. Do not forget maintain social distance, had protected oneself with all sorts of methods. American needs sports, each match hurries come back.

Pressure of American economy be issued to lower levels is at present enormous, a lot of people that include Telangpu inside hope to restart as soon as possible sports match, anabiosis in order to stimulate American economy.

Although fish has a player to affect new coronal, but UFC does not plan to postpone follow-up game. UFC of prospective a week still can hold multinomial match, the player Song Yadong that comes from China

also will give fight among them a match.

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