Beijing male basket spends Zhu Yan especially for team member direct of Xi Qingsheng Lin Shuhao breaks cake

Beijing male basket spends Zhu Yan especially for team member direct of Xi Qingsheng Lin Shuhao breaks cake

Beijing time on May 25, be at the same time in the Beijing male basket of assemble for training bright red Yan Xihe spends two players to celebrate especially unripe, lin Shuhao became those who pat cake ceremony to execute one of people, occasion is very interesting.

May 25 is Beijing player Zhu Yan on the west the birthday of 30 one full year of life. In addition, beijing foreign aids moxa clique - the birthday that spends especially was on May 20. Because this is in a days this 25 days, beijing team player people it is two people joint celebrate strange activity, to facial arsis cake this one ceremony is indispensable of course.

The leading role Zhu Yan that celebrates strange activity this on the west, in teammate jeer below, show the birthday cake of basketball appearance to promise to a cover. In this one process, di Xiaochuan often gives out noise, expression gets itch to try. Wait for Zhu Yan promise to end on the west, di Xiaochuan too impatient to wait took cake. Be the same as paragraph cake additionally together, criterion by teammate people in the hand that sent Lin Shuhao.

In preparing to take the course of cake, lin Shuhao as be on basketball field same, direct is attempering

of teammate go. After all be all set, make fall, lin Shuhao takes cake to foreign aids is spent especially, di Xiaochuan rushs from stair lower part, took cake Zhu Yan on the face on the west. Whole ceremony is in team member people the end in mirth sound.

Be worth what carry is, foreign aids spends this to appear early especia

lly have preparation, wore a pair of blinkers. Lin Shuhao basks in a video on small gain and write: Ekpe (the English name that spends especially) , this I am breathed out to your face, did not break cake with all one's strength, next time you do not take blinkers, I also do not receive a visitor enraged! Love you two brother! Thank you to protect me on field all the time? .

After the event, spend transmit especially this small gain of Lin Shuhao, express: Thanks Brotha, love You Too thanks brother, I also love you!

Original title: Does to spend Zhu Yan especially a person of extraordinary powers of Xi Qingsheng book pat cake: ? つ of  of Dong of bogus of the foot of mountain bakes editor of pilfer? responsibility: Li Xiaoling