Contest of ping of age of Zhang Anjin grade mixes Lin Gaoyuan Shuang Sijiang gains the championship is two people's common cause

Beijing time on November 28 before dawn, 2021 cease Si Duishi pings contest mixes double 1/4 final, sino-US mix double combination Lin Gaoyuan / Zhang An 3: 1 conquer France combines Aimaniuaierlebeisong / Yuan Jianan, successful promotion mixes double semifinal.

As this pair Sino-US mix double combination to enter 4 strong, make according to contest, two people had won bronze medal at least certainly, this also is since 1959, american ping-pong athlete ascends a world to ping contest gets award platform first.

Can achieve this one new breakthrough, before coming from contest just about Sino-US ping assist to travel. Comfortable this year meet mark Sino-US ping-pong foreign affair 50 years, cease before Si Duishi pings contest begins, china pings assist ping with the United States assist to international ping couplet was referred allow Sino-US the application that mixes double conjugate to take part in the match.

Although the distance signs up,end time is very adjacent already, but through each joint efforts, after getting international pings couplet Executive Board agrees, sino-US the plan that mixes double conjugate to take part in the match comes true finally. Chinese athlete Lin Gaoyuan, Wang Manyu parts to attend with conjugate of American player Zhang An, gram blocking offer mix double competition.

To taking part in the match with Zhang An's partner, lin Gaoyuan is having very tall expect, zhang An is American team, our target is to contend for the first. Hope we can enter state quickly, cooperate tacit understanding, pass the grade with good purchase.

The road of the promotion of two people also as Lin Gaoyuan period make enter the most pleasant stage gradually in that way. They early or late conquer Diyage - Apollo Buddhist nun inferior / Shao Jie Ni, Ou Jin surpasses champion Qiu Dang / Mitelanmu, Sikaqiekefu / Woluobeiwa, successful promotion 8 strong.

Before dawn has Beij

ing time today in mixing double 1/4 final, lin Gaoyuan / Zhang An is opposite a French combination Aimaniuaierlebeisong / Yuan Jianan. Two people cooperate to send tacit understanding more, through 4 bureaus hassle, lin Gaoyuan / Zhang An 3: 1 eliminate rival a bureau, promotion mixes Shuang Sijiang.

After contest, the Zhang An that obtains ping of 62 years of the first world to surpass medal for American team behead expresses, it is better and better that two people blend now, thank Lin Gaoyuan very much, he is a very outstanding doubles partner, my the 2nd bureau is very nervous, but everybody comforts me, bite one minute come down.

Of refer and partner when cooperating, lin Gaoyuan thinks to pass 4 matches adjust, mutual between had been familiar with very much,

attendant on Zhang An's ball is hit first-rately, let me there is everybody inside doubles the feeling that be in harmony is an organic whole.

Zhang An expressed him to acquire a lot of things from Lin Gaoyuan and Chinese group body, they are very professional, prepare for war analyse very when adversary reach the designated position, also hope to before we can continue, go.

Although cooperate time not to calculate,grow, danlin Gaoyuan and Zhang An still enter a world successfully to ping contest mixes Shuang Sijiang, the netizen also is developed for what two people stabilize and cooperate tacitly to serve praise and bless.

As what appear on competition ground of world ping contest first Sino-US mix double combination, lin Gaoyuan / the focus that is paid close attention to is from beginning to end since Zhang An opens contest oneself. Their ongoing each pace, creating the history that belongs two people not only, it is to be Sino-US sports communication to bring new breakthrough more.

Successful promotion world pings contest mixes Shuang Sijiang, to Lin Gaoyuan and Zhang An character also is by no means terminal. Forest of no less than looks forward to before tall far contest in that way, gaining the championship also is two people's common cause.

Original title: Achieve new breakthrough! Contest of ping of age of Zhang Anjin grade mixes Lin Gaoyuan responsibility edits Shuang Sijiang: Li Xiaoling