Female friendly Georgina basks in C collect to be worn according to ring finger is plunging drop greatly to follow marriage of C Luo Ding

Female friendly G

eorgina basks in C collect to be worn according to ring finger is plunging drop greatly to follow marriage of C Luo Ding

At present C collect had restored normal training in Youwen, and his cummer Georgina and children had returned Italy clever life. This week 4 Georgina released newest Ins, show getting giv

e up causes she and C collect had been engaged guess.

Georgina released a piece on Instagram in elevator take a picture oneself, see there is to plunge drop greatly on her ring finger only, and there still is a hand when take a picture blocking abdomen. Georgina still is writing good morning beside the photograph, erupted simultaneously the red rose picture of a piece of indicative love.

Perhaps be to feel this piece of key that takes a picture oneself to still be highlighted not quite, subsequently Georgina released a piece of photograph again, this she patted herself to wearing the left hand that gets ring only. ” the sun signs up for ” point out, georgina makes public show getting give up suddenly, had caused the outside to be mixed to her the hearsay that C collect has been engaged. Get Buddhist monastic discipline to be not from what Georgina can see in the photograph marry plunge drop, it is to take goods place to need likely very. Georgina is mixed C collect began to be in love 2016, up to now still feeling is stable. If two people are engaged, the fan that believes C collect people can serve a blessing.

And Georgina has some of protruding belly to also let a person guess she may be pregnant slightly in the photograph. Be in in fact this month the first ten days of a month, georgina ever released him to chew the photograph of bubble of chewing gum froth on Instagram, write a little girl (Baby Girl) , a few media think Georgina may be pregnant again at that time. Georgina is mixed the Ceng Sheng before this has C collect Alana of a daughter, in addition C Luo Hai has 3 children, it is to confuse you respectively collect, child of boy-girl twin Yi and Mateao.

Original title: Propose does Or take money? Georgina basks in plunge drop greatly now according to ring finger alvine small grand responsibility edits: Li Xiaoling