Golden ball award ranks 2021 newest integral complete a list of names posted up is odd: Mei Xi exceeds C collect 613 minutes 435 minutes

Announcing after golden ball award was ranked 2021, ” French football ” the magazine announced 30 candidate very quickly also notch circumstance. Mei Xi accumulating is gotten 613 minutes run, lai 10 thousand accumulate 580 minutes of ranks the 2nd, he is less than Mei Xi 33 minutes. Cupreous ball gentleman is like Riniao’s integral, it is 460 minutes.

Benzema and bank are special, took 239 minutes to mix 186 minutes respectively, their platoon is in the 4th mix the 5th. Once the C of award of the 5 balls that seize gold collect, accumulate 178 minutes to rank 6, he compares Mei Xi fully little 435 minutes.

In Bencijin ball award judges pitch on, only

two people got 0 minutes in 30 candidate, this two people are Acipilikuida and Modeliji. Although the sports season on Qieerxi won Ou Guan, but tower of Kui of benefit of skin of captain A at present did not get holding the post of He Yi Zhang Xuan ticket however. Of the sports season on emperor horse 4 big all empty, also make demon flute from 2018 Mr Jinqiu turned the zero nowadays into the gentleman.

Golden ball notchs a list of names posted up

The 1st: Mei Xi 613 minutes

The 2nd: Lai 580 minutes 10 thousand

The 3rd: Be like Riniao 460 minutes

The 4th: Benzema 239 minutes

The 5th:

Bank is special 186 minutes

The 6th: C collect 178 minutes

The 7th: Sa pulls hertz 121 minutes

The 8th: Debulaonei 73 minutes

The 9th: Mu Ba Pei 58 minutes

The 10th: Duonaluma 36 minutes

The 11st: Breath out Lan De 33 minutes

The 12nd: Lu blocks a library 26 minutes

The 13rd: Jiyelini 26 minutes

The 14th: Rich exert surprises 18 minutes

The 15th: Si Telin 10 minutes

The 16th: Neimaer 9 minutes

The 17th: Su Yalei this 8 minutes

The 18th: Ke Yaer 8 minutes

The 19th: Awn is special 7 minutes

The 20th: Maheleisi 7 minutes

The 21st: Bruno – expend Er Na Desi, Laodaluo 6 minutes

The 23rd: Kane 4 minutes

The 24th: Peideli 3 minutes

The 25th: Blessing ascends 2 minutes

The 26th: Jielade – Mo Lei Nuo, Reuben – Diyasi, Ba Lei pulls 1 minute

The 29th: Modeliji, Asipilikuida 0 minutes

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