Harvey is held the position of formally cling to Sa advocate handsome still issued 10 army rule

Take up the post of in Harvey cling to Sa advocate after Shuai Zhi, the decision of his first selection, have rectification on incorrect styles of work in team interior namely. In the bathhouse talk that trains first, harvey spoke of go up round of league matches. In first half 3-0 lead case falls, cling to Sa is made the same score absolutely by 3-3 of tower of Er of a place of strategic importance.

Be aimed at this match, harvey undertook v/arc an admonitory talk to subordinates: You must have self-confidence, this kind of circumstance cannot happen again absolutely. Always must keep vigilant, cannot end with draw below the circumstance of 3-0 of half of a game or contest. Cling to the fountainhead that Sa is pride, this team must maintain competitive consciousness forever.

” A Si signs up for ” point out, harvey still issued 10 army rule, the key is promotion player people discipline sex and professional accomplishment. The first, player people want to shift to an earlier date in training half hours present, so that eat breakfast to be training ready-made better, train the circumstance that be late not to allow to appear absolutely frequently so like the Lai that ascend shellfish. The 2nd, the staff member should show up in before training two hours. The 3rd, player people must collective have dinner, want to have a meal strictly according to the regulation of club nutrition division. Look in Harvey, proper diet can improve body condition, get hurt in order to avoid.

The 4th, harvey will pursue the penalty system after violating discipline strictly. The 5th, amerce general grows with geometrical multiple means according to the frequency that violate discipline. The 6th, inside before the match 48 hours, any players prohibit outer wait for midnight to just come home.

The 7th, harvey will choose a hair battle array strictly according to training expression and manner. Training is behaved not beautiful or the player with not decorous manner, will sit bench sits even bleachers. The 8th, below the condition that allows without drill team in sports season, prohibit taking number hour plane to have private trip.

The 9th, prohibit participating in have the e

xercise that gets a place difficult of access of catch a cold, for example surf or dynamoelectric bicycle. Look in Harvey, this is the very serious phenomenon that violate discipline, violated contract regulation. The 10th, player people the good image that needs set oneself an example to others to safeguard a club. Player of the req

uirement that breath out dimension people should be kind to fan, want to abide by the conduct rules in the journey, always maintain good image.

Original title: Ironhanded direct troops! Harvey is cling to Sa team member promulgates 10 groups plan to ascend Bei Lai miserable responsibility edits: Li Xiaoling