Hengdeli considers to reappear Sinuokebisaili contends for the profession qualification of the coronal in the coronal

Hengdeli considers to reappear Sinuokebisaili contends for the profession qualification of the coronal in the coronal

Beijing time on April 29 message, according to " European sports " report, hengdeli of 51 years old is on gregarious platform with world bright and beautiful surpassed champion to agree 1997 - when Dahedi chats even the line, disclose, he overcomes coach Si Difen to famous Si Nuo at present - fragrance Buddhist nun asks for advice, patriarch of bright and beautiful contest surpasses the world that prepares for war to be held in Kelusibao with all one's strength, and more those who make fan glad is, if take,henry emperor expresses to surpass the word of champion to patriarch, oneself do not eliminate to reappear a competition ground of take office course of study,

Si Difen - fragrance Buddhist nun helps Mu of Williams of golden left hand this take world bright and beautiful surpassed champion 2018, he is helping Hengdeli pick up summit summit feel again nowadays, hengdeli is right this say: I had begun to cooperate with fragrance Buddhist nun, and harvested a few fun from inside play a ball game.

We finished training 6 times, I feel I am very devoted, the problem is, lying now during epidemic situation, when I wish the match is in,heart of Er thanking phenanthrene is held as scheduled, if fragrance Buddhist nun and I fight side-by-side, I may have more opportunity. He most begin to ask I want what to get, I say most those who want is to enjoy Sinuoke, only this just. If cannot quite correct drive, that is a kind of torment really, accordingly I now is gamble.

Included Hengdeli, Wadana, Dennis on August 15 - Taylor, Ke Lifu - mulberry, Jimmy - White inside numerous Sinuoke the name is old will assemble in thank Field, for patriarch of Si Nuo gram world bright and beautiful surpasses c

hampion and battle, announce leg according to the government, hengdeli will on August 16 head Zhan Dela is tall the winner between He Aokai favour.

Do not feel patriarch surpasses champion to have indicative sense only, white is obtained with respect to the champion identity that with patriarch world bright and beautiful surpasses the coronal is medium 2019 of the coronal take part in the match qualification, and if take patriarch life,Hengdeli expresses champion of bright and beautiful contest, oneself go out consideration answer go on an expedition, patriarch surpasses hopeful to was held August, if you won to be able to take qualification of the coronal in the coronal, you won't know what to produce forever, everything is possible. I had not defined a plan now, go enjoyin

g the game first, look next what can produce.

In " European sports " look, hengdeli had the idea that recursive profession Si Nuo overcomes apparently, but can this legend character dream to be illuminated into reality? Speak bluntly of Lennart of champion of Olympic Games boxing did not value Hengdeli 1976 can stage a comeback, unless you are very young, otherwise, you cannot be so easy heal, what I point to is psychological problem, in Sinuoke the injury in the world comes from heart demon.

Hengdeli appears on professional competition ground last or world bright and beautiful was surpassed 2012, and he leaves professional stage early, because intolerable lose a ball, accepted 2018 " defend a newspaper " the say when interviewing: I decided to draw full stop for career 2012, because you sit below however cannot drive, this destroyed me. Do not know, after near 10 years are being lain between when, hengdeli whether break heart evil spirit, competition ground of on-the-job course of study proves him afresh, go enjoying Si Nuo to overcome fun, this is worth our wait and see what happens.

Original title: The emperor returns! 51 years old of Hengdeli consider to reappear responsibility of qualification of the coronal in contending for a coronal edits force: Li Xiaoling