It is true that Lin Dan retires brief introduction of data of Lin Dan’s individual has taken champion a few times

It is true that Lin Dan retires

Lin Dan of champion of Chinese badminton Olympic Games announces 4 days to retire through small gain, the national group career that ends its 20 years.

2000-2020, full 20 years, I also should say good-bye with national group, say outcome is very bad really so.

Lin Dan reviewed his professional career: Had taken journey of 4 Olympic Gameses, had not wanted to leave all the time, also do not wish to want. I gave everything this passion motion. Hold to, every sufferring hour I say to oneself, the sports career that lets oneself can be pulled a few longlier. Seek the position compared with junior and pure ground, these year of body limit that I consider to challenge an old athlete more, carry out the sports drive that never abandons.

I 37 years old, physical ability and pain had allowed oneself and teammate to fight side-by-side no longer. Have be thankful, have do not abandon, have unwilling also have but. The day later, I hope to more time accompany family, also can seek new competition ground.

Lin Dan expressed expressive feeling at the same time: Be thankful the country accomplished me, be thankful the coach helped advance somebody’s career me, be thankful family is accompanying me, be thankful fan people supporting me, thank outstanding adversary even people incentive me.

Occupy Chinese feather assist affirm, day premise handed in Lin Dan to retire formally report, considering individual apiration of Lin Dan and he current actual condition, chinese feather team agreed with Lin Dan retire application.

Brief introduction of data of Lin Dan’s individual has taken champion a few times

Lin Dan is one of athletes with world feather the finest altar undoubtedly. He ever was mixed 20

08 2012 two seize champion of Olympic Games male single, ask male single of tounament of vessel world badminton 5 times champion. As the top player, he helped Chinese team carry off 6 times Shangmusi 5 cup champion, Su Di graceful cup champion, unmanned look forward to reachs the to this day of title of 20 worlds champion that its have.

After entering cycle of Tokyo Olympic Games, grow as the age, athletics ability of Lin Dan is shown glide trend, a lot of challenge was encountered in the process that contends for Olympic Games integral, march the prospect of Tokyo Olympic Games is not good. Suffer effect of new coronal epidemic situation at present especially, world feather altar is in condition of come to a standstill, because this is deferred,Tokyo Olympic Games is more, this lets Olympic Games foreground of Lin Dan cheat a haze again. March complete flower after open competition, lin Dan is in all the time along with national group Chengdu double shed base to close training. However the match of world feather couplet restarts the plan is changed again and again, together with considers the injury state of oneself to wait, lin Dan feels it is more and more difficult to continue to hold on, made ex-service decision finally.

Refer forest red retires, chinese feather assist chairman Zhang Jun expresses, appreciate the contribution that Lin Dan is Chinese feather team to make. Come for years, lin Dan is training the result that obtains with the expression in the match and him, enough proves he is a fine athlete. The new student after hoping Lin Dan retires is vivid everything is successful, also hope he is not far from badminton, continue to be promotion to badminton moves and try hard with new way.

Chinese feather assist bishop of singles of team of feather of vice-chairman, country drills Xia Xuan lustre is opposite of Lin Dan retire express to understand. He ever got along with Lin Dan

a very short time old, witness Lin Dan to grow all the way from young team member. Look in him, lin Dan made a lot of contribution for Chinese feather team for years, the passion that he moves to badminton, treat the serious manner with meticulous training and taking superexcellent military successes, it is the objective that young athlete pursues. (reporter Ding Wenxian, Ji Ye)

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