Leg of time of game of preliminary contest of world of Chinese male basket will be mixed Japanese group be engaged in a hand-to-hand fight two

Chinese male basket is in Japan of go out for a battle of 23 days

of mornings, prepare for war two matches of the competition of world cup preelection that has by the month and day this team. According to the plan, chinese male basket arrives at the scheduled flight that takes 4 many hours Tokyo, turn to head for stage of match ground celestial being by the bus of 5 hours next.

As we have learned, chinese male basket adorns in the whole journey of journey lieutenant general of nearly 10 hours epidemic prevention equips, do not take food as far as possible in journey, do not drink water. It is reported, group of Chinese male basket is already safe arrive at Japan.

This month 27 days of 11:05 with 28 days of 17:35, preliminary contest of male basket world, chine

se team will be mixed Japanese group be engaged in a hand-to-hand fight two.

Chinese basket assist list of 16 people assemble for training was published before this, because before the injury did not follow a line, Qi Lin and Shen Zijie go to Japan, 14 people are as follows:

Guangdong: Zhou Peng, Ren Jun flies, Xu Jie, Zhao Rui

Liaoning: Han Dejun, Guo Ailun, Zhao Jiwei, Zhang Zhenlin

Shanghai: Wang Zhelin

Zhejiang: Wu Qian

Wide mansion: Badge of Hu Jinqiu, Sun Ming

Xinjiang: Abudousha pulls wood

Phoenix of Melbourne of Australia NBL southeast: Zhou Qi

Original title: Male basket goes to day of whole journey to wear epidemic prevention do not take food not to drink water responsibility to edit as far as possible in equipment journey: Li Xiaoling