Olympic Games of hope of chairman of Tokyo Olympic Games Organizing Committee is deferred but had better hold this year

Sen Xilang of chairman of Tokyo Olympic Games Organizing Committee expresses 23 days, although Tokyo Olympic Games is faced with,defer, he still hopes the Olympic Games can be held 2020.

Sen Xilang says, they are advancing to prepare all right to be lifted normally all the time. But will look from current condition, international situation produced change, foreground expects hard. The sound that all sorts of requirements adjourn emerges in endlessly, they cannot absurdly mere according to at the outset the plan goes carrying out.

Sen Xilang says, he moved Ci of committee chairman family to have video meeting with chime of Bach of chairman of international Olympic committee in the evening before today. The most crucial agreement that the conference reachs is, the Olympic Games can be deferred, but be cancelled impossibly absolutely. To the problem of delay, sen Xilang says Japanese respect to will undertake discussion with the delegate of international Olympic committee, both

sides discusses a solution jointly, hope to be in 4 relevant d

etails is finished inside week.

Original title: Chairman of Tokyo Olympic Games Organizing Committee: Although defer,also had better hold responsibility editor this year surely: Li Xiaoling