Sun Yang does not prepare for war in the Olympic Games list is newest natant team of China of Sun Yang recent situation prepares for war Olympic Games circumstance

CCTV sports channel invited in news program swim special reporter Feng Xu, the Olympic Games that introduced Chinese natant line prepares for war circumstance, still mentioned the competition that be banned 8 years among them, do not prepare for war in the Olympic Games the Sun Yang of list. Feng Xu expresses, sun Yang's appeal has been deferred because of epidemic situation, but still insisting to train.

On Feburary 28, international sports arbitration tribunal announces, sun Yang of Chinese natant famous general fails to abide by the world to oppose the provision of orgnaization of a shot in the arm, the decision bans contest 8 years to its. According to original plan, sun Yang is OK still inside 30 days with respect to international sports arbitration tribunal arbitral result appeal comes Swiss federal supreme court, but because new coronal is pneumonic the influence of epidemic situation, sun Yang's appeal has been deferred.

Feng Xu also expresses, because of the influence of epidemic situation, his appeal also is deferred. Pass the understanding of his manager group, still waiting for the message of Swiss respect now, complete appeal again.

Nevertheless, sun Yang prepares for war according to investment of ground of old without a stop. From Feburary actually he returns the heart after Hangzhou, rested one day, threw training again next in the center. Feng Xu says.

On one hand, the training that he had undertaken ten years, day after day, letting him stop immediately is impossible. Feng Xu explains, on the other hand, even if have a tiny bit of opportunities,Sun Yang has not abandoned really, he still can be paid 100 percent, hard, had made 100 percent preparation, this also accords with his disposition.

Feng Xu still emphasizes, this incident no matter result how, to Sun Yang it is one grows. To this road that he did not come to, also meet helpful.

In addition, the Olympic Games that Feng Xu still introduced Chinese natant line prepares for war circumstance, at present greater part team still closes in Beijing assemble for training, and trai

ning intensity is very strict. As to the choose problem of team member, feng Xu discloses, future may publish new choose method according to the phasic change of epidemic situation.

Announce in international Olympic committee and Tokyo Olympic Games Organizing Committee Tokyo Olympic Games adjourns after coming to was held 2021, original plan came to was held in Japanese blessing ridge on August 1 on July 16 swam 2021 world bright and beautiful is surpassed also will choose period is held. Feng Xu says, natant world bright and beautiful contest or will hold remit to in May 2022, because annual the traditional and sacred festival that May also is Fu Gang, swim at the appointed time contest of world bright

and beautiful also can take the opportunity get more attention.

Responsibility edits: Ling Qin Li