The country is sufficient forbidding of the guard on field of the 40 assemble for training in surpassing match of below half phase by force to prepare for war

The country is sufficient forbidding of the guard on field of the 40 assemble for training in surpassing match of below half phase by force to prepare for war

Beijing time on May 11, to prepare for war 40 strong competition play the game of half phase, group of male sufficient nation begins the assemble for training that has by a definite date 17 days in Shanghai from now, the nationalization player count in full detail that includes Luo Guofu inside appears. Li Tie discloses, it is to think recall A Lan originally, but epidemic situation reason he fails to catch up with this second assemble for training.

The country is sufficient already

7 years did not undertake assemble for training in Shanghai, a country that prepares for war in Shanghai is sufficient, advocate handsome still be Spaish Kamaqiao. This second nation group selects site of assemble for training the site of a football that is in suburban district of district of Shanghai Min travel inside, this field that is located in area of wild park of riverside river outskirt all around without tall building, a few onlier village house. This period assemble for training acts on confidential principle, also did not make public entirely to the outside, the only media that hold card obtains Xu Jin to enter interview, the time that watchs training also is not whole journey, during preparing for war, the country is sufficient forbidding of guard of training field it may be said.

In the morning at 9 o’clock half, li Tie and drill team had taken the lead in reaching place, regard national group bishop as experienced Li Tie, prepare to train article together with the staff member. Be worth what carry is, the billboard all round field cut off the line of sight with the outside, but ground of clerk have sharp eyes discovers national group, the attic of the house of lie between village of a dweller in one wall, the personnel that a few are wearing guaze mask is in stop watch. Because look the dweller that is not the village, the staff member also begins vigilance, determine their status with court administrator.

Just passed at 10 o’clock, national group bus sails field, first the nationalization player Luo Guofu of selected nation group and Ike dark and interpreter walk int

o field together. Luo Guofu is this period the heat character of national group assemble for training, and A Lan of a player, make the central point that the outside pays close attention to as much. National group advocate handsome Li Tie is in the subsequently refer in interviewing, oneself had considered Lan Jin of call together A to join national group really, nevertheless he cannot return China in Brazil at present.

A Lan turns from Sa Er Ci Gongniu from 2015 can reach Guangzhou after constant is big, for constant big effectiveness 4 sports season, contribute 51 goals and 14 secondary attack. Sports season A Lan is leased reach Tianjin on day sea, he gives fight for day sea 27, be hit into 9 balls and dedicate 2 secondary attack.

It is reported, although at present A Lan had acquired Chinese citizenship, he does not suffer enter a country the limitation of policy. But the air route that goes to China from South America is not easy, a Lan cannot select the flight number that suit at present. Also miss accordingly this period assemble for training.

National group this period the training of assemble for training is arranged and do not have particularly fixed, tactical training arranges the ability of the body state that drill team will be aimed at a player and team whole, go doing adjust, advanced 3 days will not arrange particularly many physical ability training.

Original title: Doubtful personnel sees forbidding of guard of field of national sufficient training responsibility edits vigilance of training working personnel: Li Xiaoling