The whole nation climbs cliff tounament to open contest 144 athletes contend for 8 gold

3 days, the 28th whole nation climbs cliff tounament to pull open heavy curtain in Chongqing, 144 athletes assemble in to perform intense contend.

The whole nation involves cliff championship contest i

s at present home establishs the match climbing rock with the earliest, top level, since 1993, hold every year.

This match by a definite date 3 days, share 17 teams that come from countrywide each province, municipality directly under the Central Government, municipality 144 athletes sign up take part in the match. Ever gave battle Tokyo Olympic Games on behalf of China, obtain the Pan Yu of champion of all-round of man of the 14th the national games to be not, the home such as coronal of competition of career of male, woman, runner-up climbs the 14th the national games cliff ace all comes on stage.

This the match is divided male, female two groups are fastened, set the contest of rate competition, difficulty, contest that climb rock and two all-round to surpass 4 big, will give 8 gold definitely. This the match also is to prepare for war Hangzhou Asia Game trained one of battalion trials 2022, before before two all-round 2 name, speed surpass man and woman 4 famous generals are selected first phase trains battalion,

To widen 2022 of talent of choose of Hangzhou Asia Game carry channel, this Cibisaite does not relax the age, the athlete that allows 14 years old to accord with a condition below signs up take part in the match, namely before Chinese adolescent climbed cliff to surpass each individual event of series of U11, U13 publicly 2020 3 athlete will be qualified take part in the match. (Xiao Jiangchuan)


al title: 144 athletes contend for Chongqing of decisive battle of countrywide Pan Yan tounament 8 gold responsibility edits: Li Xiaoling