Tokyo Olympic Games cancels or adjourn? At latest defined Olympic Games destiny in May

Tokyo Olympic Games cancels or adjourn? At latest defined Olympic Games destiny in May

The world defends heart of Tan of constituent total a secretary in charge of sth to fill in to announced a few days ago, pneumonic virus transmits new coronal to had risen for world craze! So far, 114 countries and area diagnose case of illness had broken through the whole world 150 thousand. Yesterday, get new hat influence of pneumonic epidemic situation, hold in Beijing surely formerly, hind arrive easily of Swiss Luo Sang world sports congress announced to cancel 2020.

At latest defined Olympic Games destiny in May

What need points out is, the dimensions of world sports congress makes an appointment with 2000 people, contest period also has 6 days only. Under photograph comparing, the system capacity of Tokyo Olympic Games should be gotten greatly much, 11000 athletes of 206 delegacy; Officer of the trainer with huge number, ref, technology; Character and press photographer hold authority hookup business about 5600 times to register quota of people with the Olympic Games 16 thousand, formed the media group of twenty-one thousand six hundred person jointly; Additional, tokyo Olympic Games already collect more than 200 thousand volunteers are occupied forecast, during the Olympic Games, hopeful of number of the tourist outside the churchyard that goes to Tokyo exceeds 12 million person-time.

Before, the controversy more about the Olympic Games is the epidemic situation inside Japan of bureau be confined to only, however now under craze of epidemic situation world, the athlete of core leading role that the Olympic Games makes fun of this greatly faces the complex situation that cannot take part in the match or rejects to take part in the match.

Enter the world each country that the athlete of the Olympic Games comes from and area, basically appeared epidemic situation, if global epidemic situation cannot be by May,gain overall control, so old stream of people runs quickly to Tokyo, whether do they need to center segregation, once if why deal with,produce new epidemic situation, does if where,the athlete reach each other to believe on the athletic project of intimate contact? The part has been obtained take part in the match qualificatory athlete may reject to attend day because of epidemic situation, olympic Games each project leg may appear accordingly the disorder. These the thorniest difficult problem that will become Tokyo Olympic Games to be faced with, if cannot ensure athlete health takes part in the match, although Tokyo Olympic Games sheds likelihood occurrence epidemic situation to arrest giant audience person, and empty field holds the contest, also will not act in a Chinese opera. Japan undertakes in empty yesterday field in male basket league matches, appeared to execute the law because ref checks temperature to exceed bid before contest, cancel the circumstance of the match. Actually, american president Telangpu also is to hold this one point of view, show cautious anxious attitude to Tokyo Olympic Games.

According to the view of Olympic expert, at latest is by May, tokyo must what to experience abstruse personnel maintains stream of people and content to flow is expedite, premise is Euramerican country control information about and appraisal of an epidemic already completely, is not when Tokyo Olympic Games kicked off one day that on July 24.

Epidemic situation globalization already was not Japan to be able to accuse

Up to now, the whole world is large sports match is comprehensive already come to a standstill, restored before the bottom in April not hopeful. Meanwhile, include league matches of football of tennis, NBA, Europe to already appeared in succession the athlete affects new coronal the case of illness of pneumonic virus. Bach of chairman of international Olympic committee decides to who whether Tokyo Olympic Games is held infrequently also made a response, international Olympic committee will follow the proposal of World Health Organization, whether the decision cancels or defer Tokyo Olympic Games.

Begin from now, the employee of headquarters of mulberry of the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces of Switzerland of international Olympic committee will handle official bussiness in the home, and the Olympic hookup that is located in Spanish Madrid serves a company (OBS) employee already began work is in the home, olympic museum also will close a shop two weeks, also begin even international Olympic committee to worry about epidemic situation it is thus clear that. Accordingly, now Tokyo Olympic Games whether hold as scheduled, depend on epidemic situation is denied in global limits internal energy get materiality is controlled.

Current, the United States announces to enter a country critical condition, spain and Italy take the step that seal a city, and France also was shut blame is indispensible public, england also is in consider taking further step but if the bottom is Euramerican in May,national epidemic situation has not gotten controlling, tokyo Olympic Games was hanged really.

Japan begins to evaluate cancel a loss

Although international Olympic committee and Tokyo Olympic Games Organizing Committee already emphasized the Olympic Games will be being held by the plan for many times, but Japanese government and Central Bank official are in when forecasting the economic foreground this year, begin more serious ground to consider the risk that cancel.

Occupy dispatches from foreign news agency to report, japanese Central Bank predicts to relax Yu Benzhou monetary policy, government of Japan of a direct understanding expresses to the official of this matter idea: You need to be a likelihood

(Tokyo Olympic Games) the loss ready-made that cancel and causes possibly. The government stimulates the economy that wove in April plan, can consider this kind of risk.

As new coronal pneumonic epidemic situation worsens inside global limits, the misgivings of people is greater and greater also. The analysis thinks, cancelling the Olympic Games will be tremendous to the harm that economy causes, will cause serious blow to family and business confidence. The activity is cancelled, tourism glides and viatic limitation has made family and business confidence damage. Ministerialist of a few Japan and governmental official think, the risk that is necessary to be cancelled for the Olympic Games prepares, if the Olympic Games is cancelled, economy may break down. Even if defer the Olympic Games to also can be caused damage.

Indeed, if connect the actors that should appear on the stage to act in a play unwarrantable also health is safe, this big play can no more perform the Olympic Game

s really went down. (Sun Jiahui of reporter of Guangzhou daily entire media)

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