Tokyo Olympic Games defers sports of a year of numerous international to organize cash to flow to maintain a year hard

The intermediary outside occupying reports, the union of sports of 28 international individual event that joins Tokyo Olympic Games will from international brushstroke fund is obtained over there the Olympic committee, tokyo Olympic Games is new nevertheless Karate of increasing 5 matches project, surf, slide, Pan Yan and marvellous softball, will divide a cup of a thick soup without the qualification.

And international Olympic committee is right of bonus extending also is not one knife cut, according to viewing rate and project motion dimensions, divide 5 archives to

distribute bonus in proportion. Track and field of first gear, swim to predict to be able to acquire about 40 million dollar with gymnastics; second gear includes bicycle, basketball, volleyball, football and tennis, these 5 projects are 25 million dollar; Boxing of the 3rd archives, judo and ping-pong wait for 8 motion bonus to be 17 million dollar inside; Oarage of caique of the 4th archives, skin and fencing will acquire 12 million dollar; Rugger of the 5th archives, golf and contemporary 5 bonus is 7 million dollar.

To popular item, the bonus of international Olympic committee is negligible actually, if international sufficient couplet has the reserve of 1.5 billion dollar, international basket couplet has the reserve of 42 million euro. But to project of a few an unexpected winner, this stake that does not take international Olympic committee very be unable to stand.

4 years ago in make an appointment with the Olympic Games, bonus pay sum is 520 million dollar, the favour of luck of ASOIF a secretary in charge of sth that is in charge of minute of award prize gold issues a warning, the budget of Tokyo Olympic Games makes an appointment with Olympic Games budget in likelihood comparing little, my proposal is the budget should carry with Liyaoao same, and some organizations may flow to maintain a year without enough ready money.

(Sun Jiahui of reporter of Guangzhou daily entire media)

Original title: Cash of organization of numerous international sports flows to main

tain hard one year responsibility edits: Li Xiaoling